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We Build Custom PCs in Greater Milwaukee

Custom-Built Laptops & Desktops Have Everything You Need

Looking for the perfect gaming rig? Need a powerful computer for all your graphic design and editing software? Want to take your music creation up a notch? iNET has the parts, tools, and skills to create the perfect PC for whatever you need.

Custom Built ComputersWe build custom PCs for people of every profession and have the experience to make a PC with the right strengths for your specific needs. The tech wizards at iNET know exactly what hard drive you’ll need for 3D rendering, what graphics card you need for the best gaming experience, what processor is optimal for video editing, and every combination of components to make the custom PC of your dreams.

We build custom PCs for:

Work or play, the custom PCs we build are powerful and built to last. We make sure you get your money’s worth out of the computer we craft for you. All the computers we build are designed for maximum performance at a low cost. You could get a store-bought computer for thousands of dollars, or get one custom from iNET and save hundreds, if not thousands, on your purchase while getting the same speed and power.

Our IT professionals will make your custom PC exactly to your specifications with the best deals on parts for your absolute convenience. Our extensive knowledge of computers will make building yours easier than ever—we’ll have your system done in no time. iNET’s PC experts will take your computer’s performance to the next level with durable and reliable parts. We’ll even install the programs you want to use; just let us know which ones you need and they’ll be on your PC when you pick it up. Call or stop by iNET today and let us create the perfect PC for you.

IT Support Services

iNET PC’s Waukesha computer repair technicians are ready to help you with any IT issues, no matter how simple or complex. Replace your malfunctioning laptop or desktop with a dependable custom computer from iNET PC and watch it speed through new software!

Cheap or outdated PCs barely grind through today’s advanced programs and will inevitably fall flat once the next operating system is released. Instead of cheating yourself out of the quality you deserve, invest in reliable computer hardware from iNET PC.

Custom PCs Milwaukee WisconsinMilwaukee Area Computer Store Builds Fast PCs

Unlike big box stores and online retailers who lure buyers with flashy gimmicks on low quality computers and second-rate components, iNET PC delivers no-nonsense custom computers, which are built to last. iNET PC’s Milwaukee computer store custom builds desktops and laptops with only premium, high-performance parts. Eliminating slowdowns and blue screens with a quality computer from iNET PC will measurably increase the efficiency of your business and prevent critical data loss.

Customizable Computers for any Application

iNET PC computers are designed for easy upgrades and customization. Every few years, demanding software applications push the limits of old computer hardware. iNET PC’s affordable upgrades keep you on the cutting edge. Our computers are smart, cost effective investments. Whether you want to edit pictures and videos or design space shuttles for NASA, iNET PC will build the perfect computer customized to suit your unique technology needs. We consistently deliver the best value, while providing the best computer support Milwaukee has to offer.

Custom Computer Warranty Gold Standard

Many people believe the warranty from big box or online computer retailers protects them, but unfortunately this is rarely the case. When your computer glitches, becomes infected with a virus or won’t connect to your network, big box or online suppliers will not be able to help you any time soon. Between hundreds of backorder repairs, mail-in warranty claims and call center run-arounds, you could be weeks without your computer when you need it the most!

iNET PC understands the heightened pace of business and personal computing. Slow computer repairs simply aren’t acceptable in today’s connected environment. People need to know they can receive fast service covered by comprehensive warranties. iNET PC offers the best computer warranties available. Our customers receive an outstanding 1 year warranty on custom laptops and a 3 year warranty on custom desktops.

If your iNET PC computer breaks, our proven computer repair service technicians will fix it for free. iNET PC repairs the vast majority of computer problems in less than 4 business days, getting you back to business faster.

iNET PC’s Waukesha computer store offers a “no appointment needed” walk-in storefront, ensuring you have your questions answered immediately. Experience the peace of mind knowing iNET PC has your back!

Contact our custom computer builders to get the best price on a PC with all the features you need (and none you don’t) at iNET PC.