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About Waukesha Computer Store iNET-PC - "The iNET-Difference"

Milwaukee Computer Sales and Service, the Biggest Selection at the Best Prices

At iNET PC Waukesha Computer Store every employee will work tenaciously to deliver the very highest quality computer hardware in Waukesha at the lowest price. Unlike our Milwaukee competitors, iNET follows up every computer sale with service and support that guaranties satisfaction with every aspect of iNET Computers.

Waukesha Computer repair

Wisconsin Computer Shop Excels in Customer Service 

iNET beats all competitor pricing while maintaining unparalleled customer satisfaction. Customer service with iNET is being able to walk in the front door of our Waukesha computer store. Our Milwaukee IT Support has real people answering the phone within two rings. That's a live human being right here in southeastern Wisconsin. How the competition got to the point where forwarding you to the Middle East makes sense, we will never understand. iNET doesn't have a voice mail or phone call screening service and we never will. The frustration of having to wade through an animated IT support phone system is unacceptable from our perspective.

Milwaukee Computer Information Systems

iNET is the only full service Milwaukee computer and server manufacturer featuring onsite network configuration support, off site data storage, full service web design and development, and much more. iNET is the ONLY computer and information systems company in Milwaukee who can take care of ALL your information technology needs.

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Best Computer Warranties on Best Milwaukee Computer Repair Parts and Services

Price is a huge factor in any purchase. At iNET we have not only the best price, but the best value. The lowest price mass produced computers are the most expensive to maintain. Computer manufacturers use low quality components for two reasons. The first is to hit a cost to profit margin. They are able to make more money up front on low quality computers AND the money keeps flowing in as proprietary parts fail. In contrast our iNET computer warranty our computers for three years parts and labor. We choose to keep our computer quality high and let our unparalleled customer satisfaction bring customers back. The second reason is to increase Waukesha and Milwaukee computer repair business. Consider, if computer parts fail you will most likely call or take it back to the place you bought it. Some of the most profitable computers made today are of the lowest quality. If you've been a victim of this kind of scam bring your computer to iNET PC Waukesha Computer Store. iNET PC will service any brand of computer with better computer parts in Milwaukee than any competitor for less money than any competitor.

Warrantied Quality Milwaukee Computer Hardware and Computer Software

It used to be that you could buy a new PC just about anywhere and receive quality computer hardware. As the discount computer houses got a foothold in the industry the need for competitive discount computer warehouses to maintain a profit margin that would keep investment dollars coming in superseded the desire to keep quality high and to keep customers satisfied. With quality computer hardware and full versions of software iNET computers have less conflicts and failures. Service and support have fallen by the wayside. iNET bucks these trends. At iNET, a new computer comes standard with a three year parts and labor computer warranty. iNET PC Waukesha Computer Store will replace any defective computer component for three years and provide the labor to repair your computer free of charge. Unlike the quality cutters in the computer industry it is not in iNET's best interest to have a customer computer fail.

Call 262.574.9400 or STOP IN Your Waukesha Computer Store  Monday - Friday 8am to 6pm, Saturday 9am to 2pm,*Extended hours available upon request and experience the iNET difference today!