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Purchase New & Used Computers near Milwaukee

iNET PC offers a computer buying experience unlike anything a big box or online computer store can match. The iNET PC computer sales staff listens to your needs and works with you to find your computer solution—serving you both now and in the future!

Computer Repair Milwaukee

ComputersThe iNET PC Milwaukee computer support technicians will work within your budget and your specific requirements to create the highest quality custom built computers in Southeastern Wisconsin. No other Milwaukee computer store can match our level of quality on new custom built computers. You can customize your computer for your specific needs.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to know the latest processors, motherboards, or graphics card. Just let one of our knowledgeable and friendly Waukesha computer support technicians what you will be using the computer for (email, gaming, spreadsheets, graphic design, videos, just browsing the web, etc) and they will help you decide what specs are best for your computer. We only use premium components in each and every new computer we build, meaning six months down the road your computer works just like the day you bought it!

When you buy a new or used computer from iNET PC, your computer is custom designed to grow with you. iNET PC’s new and used computers are built with future computer upgrades and modifications in mind, so you won’t need a whole new computer if your needs change. Simply bring the computer back to iNET PC Waukesha Computer Store and we’ll get it back to you with the updated programs and new hardware installed. You don’t even need to bring your computer into the store. Just park near the entrance and one of our friendly Milwaukee computer technicians will come out to carry it in for you.

If you start using a lot of resource heavy computer programs all you need to do is just increase the RAM.  Most pre-packaged computers from the big box stores come with only 2 to 4GB of RAM, however we can upgrade your computer up to 16GB of RAM or more. Or if your computer is running sluggish, just upgrade your computer processor to the Intel Core i5 Processor to get the speed you need. If you start doing a lot of gaming or are using some special software for a business application, you may just need to update your graphics card to our XFX Radeon or one of our other high quality graphic cards.

Most computer users waste a lot of money buying brand new computers every time their needs change or technology advances. With an iNET custom built PC you will be able to upgrade your computer as your needs change. Sometimes all you need is to just reformat your hard drive to get everything running smoothly again. Our Milwaukee area computer support technicians will reformat your computer, back-up your data and reinstall everything for you. Other times you may just want one of our faster Intel i3, i5, or i7 processors. Most of the time you just need to upgrade one computer part instead of a whole new computer. You don't get results like this from a big box computer store or online computer retailer!

Which is Best for You, Desktop or Laptop?

New or Used New and Used New and Used
RAM 2 to 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, or higher 2GB to 16GB
Processors Intel i3,i5,i7 Intel i3,i5,i7
Hard Drive 250GB to 2TB 250GB to 1TB
Operating Systems Windows 7 or 8
Windows 7 or 8


Easier to upgrade

Easier to add other components, such as an additional hard drive or DVD player

Less expensive

More ports to connect with devices


Sufficient power for most users

No additional monitor or keyword required


Word Processing


Internet Browsing





Video Editing

Video Chat

And more

Word Processing


Internet Browsing




And more

Used Computers—Basic

iNET PC's basic system used computers are the perfect option if your requirements are simple and direct. If you need to write emails, surf the internet and pay bills online, a used computer might be a perfect fit! We will accommodate your needs. If you have a lot of family pictures and/or movies, you may want a larger hard drive. We have top-of-the-line Western Digital hard drives with 500GB, 1TB, or more. We can even install a backup hard drive to make sure none of your precious moments are ever lost. It's senseless to pay for a new computer which could cost up to five times more than what you need.

Used Computers—Advanced

Let’s say you plan to use your computer for editing family videos and streaming movies from the web. You could get by with a used computer, but a RAM upgrade would probably be necessary to cut down on loading times. 2 to 4GB of RAM is more than enough for most computer users; however we will upgrade your computer to whatever you want. We have customers who require 16GB of RAM and higher.  iNET PC offers an excellent range of used computers perfectly suited to your video and picture editing, gaming, and programming needs.

New Custom Built Computers near Milwaukee and Waukesha

If you need the best computer money can buy to do 3-D modeling, animation or intense online gaming come to the iNET PC Waukesha Computer Store today! iNET PC sells the highest quality new and custom built computers with a lower price point than any of our competitors.

Buy Cheap Laptops

As with our desktop computers we choose a quality point, not a price point, to meet your needs. All of our laptops are of the highest quality and we have one perfect for your needs.

We Carry and Sell a Variety of Laptops Including:

  • Lenovo
  • Hewlett Packard (HP)
    • Pro Book
    • Elite Book
  • Asus

The laptops we carry are based on quality high-end specs for the best value. One of our knowledgeable and friendly computer support technicians will help you choose which laptop is best for your needs. When you walk out of here with your new laptop, everything will be ready to go right away when you get home. No setup is required—just plug it in and you’re ready to go.

A Few More Reasons to Buy Your Next Desktop or Laptop Computer from iNET:

  • All PCs come with free lifetime phone technical computer support
  • Free data transfer (transfer your photos, videos, and other important files to your new computer)
  • All desktops come with a 3 year in-store parts and labor warranty
  • All laptops come with a 1 year in-store parts and labor warranty
  • Every computer will be built and configured specifically for you
  • No bloat-ware or spyware laden programs which come installed on big box store bought computers (these programs slow your computer down and start every time your computer starts which causes it to take forever to restart your computer).
  • Customizable and easily upgradable whenever you need it

iNET will always provide you with the best computer advice, expert computer repair services, and the most superior computer warranties in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Call the Waukesha Computer Store experts today for more information on our high quality new and used computers in the Milwaukee area.