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Custom PCs for Music Production in Greater Milwaukee

Custom PC for Music Production Milwaukee

iNET Builds Pro-level Music Production PCs

Take your passion for making music to the next level with a custom PC from iNET. We’ll make sure you have the best hardware and software for music production. We’ll make a machine powerful enough to run as many tracks as you can handle and quiet enough to overclock in a studio without being picked up. Just give us your specs and we’ll get you the right parts to run your programs.

  • Pro Tools
  • Adobe Audition
  • Audacity
  • Ableton
  • Fruity Loops

You name it. Shop around for the best software, and we’ll install it—no trying to upsell you on more expensive programs.

More Storage, More Speed, More Music Production

iNET will work with you to create the perfect recording tool for your needs, whether you're a bedroom engineer or a mixing board master and multitracking wizard. Our techs will custom spec out a machine with enough RAM to hold the tracks you want, and enough CPU power to minimize latency headaches. Our solid state drives keep your apps running fast so you'll have more time to spend perfecting that snare sound from the third bar in the second measure. Get a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and sound card installed to make your music production complete.

Custom Computers for Music Production

Quiet Computers - Sounds Sound Better

Having a quiet place to record music is essential for audio fidelity; when you want the sound of your computer to stay off your tracks, iNET can help. Whether you’re recording instruments and vocals or playing a live set, we'll help you find the best audio interface, processor, and memory affordable—we know how hard it is to work on music with a slow computer. Make iNET your number one stop for all your PC needs!

Contact the custom computer experts at iNET PC to get the best price in Milwaukee on a custom PC for music production.