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Business Point of Sale System Solution for Hartford Restaurants

George Webb, a great Wisconsin tradition, serving Southeastern Wisconsin downhome cooking at fair prices since the late 40’s. George Webb is a time honored tradition famous for family friendly environments, 24/7 ‘round the clock cooking and delicious, inexpensive breakfasts served at any hour. Along with hamburgers, soups, and chili, George Webb is legendary for good old-fashioned promotional activities like “free rabbit lunches” and offering $10.00 for 1,893 pennies. Dan Mueller, owner of three George Webb restaurants, needed a business Point of Sale system matching Webb’s hustle-bustle slogan “It’s always breakfast time.” With many POS system providers available, Dan chose the one who could custom tailor a Milwaukee POS system to handle the unique promotional perks and profitable growth of his three restaurants, the iNET-PC Waukesha Computer Store.

Sales and Inventory Tracking in Milwaukee Point of Sale System Enhances Hartford WI Restaurant Efficiencies

Dan required a restaurant POS system for accurate inventory and sales tracking software to better manage his three restaurants. INET-PC’s Milwaukee POS system professionals installed exceptional inventory and sales tracking software into Dan’s POS systems allowing him to manage all three of his restaurants from any one location. If the Hartford George Webb runs low on a certain inventory item, Dan can view his West Bend George Webb’s inventory to see if they can get the item quickly. From the Hartford George Webb, Dan can view his other restaurants’ weekly or monthly profit figures to stir-up some good-hearted, old-fashioned business competition between locations. Employee incentive to increase profits in restaurants with previously low profit figures has never been greater!

The inventory and sales tracking software in Dan’s POS system has drastically reduced food costs in all three restaurants just three months after installation! The profitability of Dan’s three George Webb restaurants was mired in human error before the installation of iNET’s POS system. The old, hand-written ticket method Dan’s staff used to place customer orders was costing Dan plenty of dough in incorrect ordering and monetary miscalculations each week. Dan saw enough spare cheeseburgers and sides of bacon come back to the pick-up window due to poor order placing to jump into the modern world with a Milwaukee POS system. The iNET Waukesha POS system corrected the errors employees were making in the quantity of food customers ordered. The errors employees were making while calculating customers’ bills cost Dan even more! While Dan is a great guy, giving food away for free just isn’t on his menu! The money Dan’s saved in the past three months has more than paid for the iNET-PC restaurant POS system, leaving customers better served and putting more bread in Dan and his employees’ pockets.

Milwaukee IT Support from Expert Waukesha Computer Store Technicians Provide Hands-On Training for Owner and Employees to Instantly Increase Productivity

INET-PC’s restaurant POS system installation process and technical support provides various benefits other Milwaukee POS system installation companies cannot. INET-PC had George Webb’s Milwaukee POS system promptly up and running with George Webb employees trained to utilize the POS system software. INET-PC’s in-depth POS system training drastically shortens the POS system learning curve for instantaneous changes in employee productivity. INET-PC’s POS system training is complete with iNET’s around the clock technical support service matching George Webb’s around the clock cooking. INET-PC’s Milwaukee IT support team is ready to assist George Webb 27/4 with just one phone call in case too much post-ballgame business or a bar close rush causes an unforeseen event in the POS system. Soon after iNET-PC installed the restaurant POS systems in George Webb and thoroughly trained the staff, Dan said he definitely noticed increased productivity, lower food costs, easier inventory management, and improved control over his business operations.

Restaurant POS System from iNET PC Waukesha Computer Store Measurably Improves George Web Operations in Wisconsin

Efficiency and productivity increases were immediately noted by both Dan and his employees. George Webb employees enjoy working with a restaurant POS system where all the necessary functions are right at their fingertips. Employees noticed an improvement in the coupon handling, receipt printing, and order and inventory management immediately. Credit and gift card scanners integrated with the POS system provide faster, higher-quality printing than George Webb’s previous hand-written ticket system. The POS system’s automated printing process is beneficial to employees and customers, eliminating human error for faster, more accurate receipt printing providing customers more time at the dinner table, less time at the cashier counter. Customer orders entered into the POS system are electronically sent to the kitchen, quickening the speed and accuracy of all restaurant orders. The POS system can simply be set to handle changing coupons and promotions with ease, including the Brew Crew’s winning streak hamburger giveaway. Milwaukee POS system functionality coupled with the best Milwaukee POS System training and technical support from iNET-PC leads to increased efficiency and profitability for Dan’s George Webb restaurants.

Simplistic inventory management provides Dan and his employees more time to focus on other tasks for increased productivity at Dan’s George Webb restaurant. Inventory management is now second nature for Dan with an iNET-PC installed POS system. The iNET-PC installed POS system automatically keeps track of all inventory and sales, informing Dan exactly when and what products need to be ordered. Innovative inventory tracking software puts Dan at ease by decreasing the possibilities of internal theft and potential profit loss. Dan easily re-orders supplies using the POS system’s restocking software. George Webb’s POS system’s inventory and sales tracking software features automated assistance to restock restaurant supplies quickly, freeing more time for other business operations.

INET PC Waukesha Computer Store Provides Customized Milwaukee POS System Installation in Southeastern Wisconsin

INET-PC Milwaukee POS systems provide unique software solutions with the training and tech support to accelerate your business into the realm of profitability. Managing three George Webb restaurants with 24 hour operations and frequent promotional activities has never been more efficient for Dan. The heightened staff productivity provided by iNET’s POS system is an investment any restaurant or hospitability hoping to increase profitability must investigate!

If you are looking for a local, friendly restaurant with great food at fair prices, be a part of the George Webb tradition any time, day or night. If you’re looking to boost your restaurant’s profitability by making your staff more productive and efficient, go to iNET-PC to have a customized POS system installation implemented in your restaurant today.

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