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iNET PC Point of Sale Specialists Reconfigure Watertown Retail Store's Software for Greater EfficiencyWatertown Point-of-Sale Specialists Reconfigure Software to Save System

Individual: A Watertown retail business owner was seeing demand for his products increasing, but his Point of Sale software was woefully inefficient. Dealing with paperwork and other administrative tasks was eating into his profits. After limping along for months, he contacted iNET PC, the leading IT support company for Watertown businesses. iNET PC has configured and installed POS systems for hundreds of retail stores and restaurants throughout southeast Wisconsin, making them more efficient, better organized, and more profitable.
Watertown point of sale software Problem: The store's software was not set up properly. Invoices took too long to process, directly affecting cash flow. Reordering inventory was complicated, often resulting in too much or too little being ordered. Customer relations were beginning to suffer due to an inability to track orders and arrange for expedited shipping.
Solution: Our Point of Sale specialists consulted with the store owner on-site. They were able to reconfigure the existing software so orders could be quickly and accurately entered, credit transactions performed and inventory adjustments properly entered. All work was done with minimal disruption to the business.
Result: The reconfigured point of sale system was an immediate success. Employees saved significant amounts of time. Orders were filled more quickly and were easier to track. The improvement was instantly cost-effective and spared the business from having to invest in an all-new point of sale system.

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