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East Troy Restaurant POS System Implemented by Milwaukee IT Support Specialists

Ivan’s on the Square in East Troy, Wisconsin, offers exceptional upscale dining. From seared ahi tuna to mustard crusted filet mignon, this gourmet restaurant offers a full menu of exquisite cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The bistro boasts a cozy setting with charming French café outdoor seating. Attached to Ivan’s on the Square is the famous East Troy House Restaurant and Bar (owned and operated cooperatively). Located in the heart of downtown East Troy, Ivan’s on the Square and the East Troy House Restaurant and Bar are premier spots for a one-of-a-kind dining experience in Southeastern Wisconsin.

While everything about these two restaurants is 5-star quality, Rennie Allen, owner of Ivan’s on the Square and the East Troy House Restaurant and Bar, recognized a critical absence in efficient business operations. Still using hand-written food service tickets, bar tabs and table bills, the outdated system produced serious calculation and communication errors, creating substantial profit holes for Ivan’s on the Square and the East Troy House Restaurant and Bar.

Comprehensive Milwaukee Network Analysis Solutions Outfit East Troy Restaurants for Excellence

Seeking an updated operating system on a restrictive budget, Allen contacted iNET PC, the only Milwaukee network analysis specialists she knew could outfit her establishment with an advanced restaurant operating system while staying within her budget. Almost immediately, iNET PC’s on-site network analysts arrived to install a customized Milwaukee restaurant POS system.

Utilizing updated computer hardware, iNET PC’s Milwaukee computer support technicians installed our customized point of sale system in the restaurants. Our expert POS technicians outfitted the three existing computers with ample amounts of RAM to support the POS system’s functionality and performance. The iNET PC point of sale technicians further improved the restaurant’s computer performance by reinstalling the failing Microsoft Windows XP Pro operating system for improved overall system usability.

iNET PC’s Milwaukee network configuration experts integrated a food order reel  to combat lost or missing order issues. The highly efficient reel system electronically transfers food orders from the East Troy House Restaurant and Bar to the main kitchen in Ivan’s on the Square for vastly improved order efficiency and accuracy.

INET PC’s Milwaukee server application specialists battled repetitive restaurant miscommunications between wait staff and chefs by installing Hot and Cold Epson kitchen printers to provide reliable ticket printing. The Epson printers instantly improved communication tactics, preventing wasted food and drink inventory. Implementing the advanced Epson printers corrected significant profit loss in the restaurants.

After installing and configuring the customized POS system, iNET PC’s Milwaukee IT support specialists provided hands-on training for Allen and her staff for their new POS system. Best practices instruction and training from iNET PC enabled the restaurants’ staff to quickly and conveniently maneuver in the system.

Restaurant POS Solutions from Milwaukee Network Configuration Specialists Close Profit Gaps and Improve Efficiencies

Within one day, iNET PC’s Milwaukee network analysis specialists effectively closed the gaping profit holes generated from the restaurants’ miscommunications and inefficiencies. Installing our customized POS system with an organized and comprehensive display empowered Ivan’s on the Square and the East Troy House Restaurant and Bar to measurably improve operation efficiencies, correct detrimental inaccuracies and increase restaurant productivity. Installing the Microsoft operating system and RAM upgrades provided greater ease of use and enhanced computer storage space, preventing future system crashes.

Almost instantly, the East Troy restaurants experienced measurable results in improved efficiency, productivity, order accuracy and staff attitudes. Soon, Allen saw the full effect of iNET PC’s POS system when significantly lower inventory expenses were revealed the following period. Appreciating the noticeable ROI the restaurants achieved through the customized POS system, Allen wondered how the restaurants ever functioned without it.

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If you are looking for a high-class bar and restaurant with unbelievable food at reasonable prices in Southeastern Wisconsin, visit Ivan’s on the Square and the East Troy House Restaurant and Bar. If you want to increase your business’ profitability, productivity and efficiency, contact the iNET PC Milwaukee business IT solutions specialists to have a customized restaurant POS system implemented in your establishment.

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