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Milwaukee Web Marketing

Custom Website Design Powered by Creative Genius

It used to be that a listing in the Yellow Pages and an ad in the local paper was enough to get prospects to a business’ door. Today, about 99.5%* of your prospects are looking online. If you don’t have a website, you might as well start getting your “Going out of business sale” signs printed up.

While there are dozens of web development companies in the greater Milwaukee area, iNET Web stands out for our graphically superior design work and our relentless commitment to helping our clients become more profitable by launching their websites to the top of search engine results pages.

In an industry where opportunistic Milwaukee web designers churn out cookie-cutter, template-based web designs and steer businesses into profit draining Pay-per-Click and social media schemes with no residual value whatsoever, iNET Web is the choice of businesses looking to maximize return on investment.

Simply put: iNET Web ceates profit-generating websites.

"Creative Genius" Defined

Every iNET Web site comes infused with creative-genius. From graphically unique designs to custom animations, 3-D graphics and share-worthy content, we create websites that look great, work great and, most importantly, get great results. Expert SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work ensures that when prospects search for companies or services in your line of work, your iNET-built website shows up on the first page of results.

In addition to the initial SEO work we do when developing a website, iNET Web also offers an ongoing SEO service to maximize your online presence. Monthly SEO work involves everything from expanding the content on your website (articles, new pages, galleries, etc.) to optimizing existing content to win for additional online search terms used by your prospects.

When you consider free search engines drive 90% of online traffic, it’s well worth adding monthly SEO work to your web marketing.



Proprietary Content Management System for Easy Updates and Changes

With iNET Web’s proprietary content management system, updating or editing website content is easy. A free tutorial is included when we build your website, so you can go into the back end of your site to make changes or add updates without having to pay someone else to do it—and without the wait.

Of course, if you would rather have us handle any content additions or changes on your site, we can do that.

Your Success is Our Success

Like any business owner, you’re in business to make money--which is why iNET Web treats every dollar you invest with us as though it were our own. When you succeed, we succeed. If your current website isn’t driving new business to your door and you’re not seeing increased profits, it’s a fail. And it’s time to get iNET Web on the job.

To get an idea of the work we do, check out our Milwaukee web design portfolio with over 100 websites making money for our clients.

Contact us online to set up a meeting with our Milwaukee website design experts, or call us at 262-574-9400.

*Unscientific study based solely on common sense.