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Network Analysis Services in Southeast Wisconsin

A thorough network analysis is the first step to improving any business IT network's productivity, efficiency and security. By documenting and mapping your office's computer system, you'll halve the time it takes to troubleshoot issues, be able to identify potential security problems and crash risks, and have a proper foundation on which to build improvements. In the greater Milwaukee area, no IT company offers better service, equipment and value than iNET PC.


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A network analysis from iNET PC will go through every digital inch of your office computers, creating a representation of how your system deals with the everyday tasks of business.

We'll catalog and analyze every IP address on your system and create a program inventory for each individual PC on your network. The most important part of any network analysis, of course, is our conversations with you. iNET will learn what your business does and how it does it, then use the data we collect to pinpoint issues that slow down your employees. From there we can begin building a more streamlined network customized to your exact needs.

Concise Tracking of Program Licensing, Updates, and Patches

Keeping track of when your important programs need to be updated or relicensed is, at best, a colossal pain. At worst, it costs you serious time and money. With multiple programs running on different schedules and operating requirements, there will be days when you walk into the office and discover a crucial program had an update and no longer works. iNET makes that a thing of the past.

Our IT professionals will document the programs used by the computers on your network and create an ongoing catalog of when they need to be updated, patched or relicensed. You'll receive regular alerts when your programs need updates or license renewal and know immediately if a program will lose functionality on your network. From there it's a short call to iNET to have the problem resolved, either remotely or onsite.

Upgrading Your Network

A thorough understanding of your network can dramatically improve your efficiency and save you tech headaches. It also provides you and iNET a schematic for improvement. iNET's custom network builds often start with a thorough network analysis, which reveals what network hardware and software will best improve efficiency and security. Your network map will become a roadmap to profit with iNET PC.

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