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SonicWall Hardware Firewall Installation and Support Near Waukesha

An undefended business IT network is a magnet for trouble. From outside your network hackers and other ne’er-do-wells send ransomware attacks, virus infections, and spam email. From inside employees accidentally or deliberately leak confidential information, use P2P filesharing on company computers, and absorb bandwidth on games and videos. There’s so much that can go wrong with a business computer network that most small businesses either give up or try to manage a dozen different services to combat every issue. INET PC offers a third option.

SonicWall is the best firewall available for Waukesha small businesses.SonicWall TZ firewalls are the cutting edge of business network security. With multi-core parallel-processing hardware and high-speed deep packet inspection technology, SonicWall combs all internet traffic in your office at lightning speed. For the first time, a single service handles all of your network security needs, from malware prevention to cutting off Jim’s silly cat video binges.

SonicWall Dismantles Malware and Ransomware Attacks

SonicWall TZ Firewalls scan every byte of data going into or out of your network. Using SonicWall’s patented Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection technology and a powerful multi-core processing system, the TZ series can scan all data going over your network with no limit on file size and no reduction in connection speed. SonicWall scans the “DNA” of data passing into your network and references it against the SonicWall CloudAV database, an ever-expanding record of over 20 million malware, Trojan, virus, and spyware data signatures. With virtual sandbox technology, SonicWall can even create a virtual server on the cloud, copy any suspicious code to it, and then observe the result to identify threats, keeping the original data held at your gateway. The entire process occurs in fractions of a second. Constantly updating and enormously flexible, SonicWall stays one step ahead of the internet’s most dangerous hackers.

Manage Your Network’s Use

SonicWall gives you perfect control over how guests and employees use your business IT network. Through SonicWall, you can see in real time which applications are using bandwidth on your gateway, identifying issues and misuse. From there, you can then update SonicWall’s policies for your network. You can decide which applications are allowed, banning specific web browsers or P2P filesharing programs. You can prioritize some bandwidth uses, like company voice chats, over others. Your control is incredibly fine: you can chose to block Facebook for all users or only non-media employees, allow Facebook but deny Facebook games, or allow Facebook only at specific times of the day. You can also designate files inside your network as confidential. Once you do, SonicWall will identify those files in outgoing traffic, no matter how cleverly disguised, and will block them from leaving your business network. Don’t allow your business resources to be abused or mismanaged when SonicWall offers you the information and power to stop it cold.

The Firewall for Your Milwaukee Business

SonicWall TZ series units come in six sizes, with optional add-ons for wifi capability ensuring you’ll find a cost-efficient option no matter the size of your network. INET PC’s professional network technicians install, set up, and train you to use SonicWall, either as a separate service or as part of our comprehensive network set-ups. Take control of your business network with SonicWall firewalls installed by iNET. 

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