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Computer Accessories for Sale near Milwaukee

iNET Has the Computer Accessories, Equipment and Hardware You Need

iNET PC carries a full range of computer and home network accessories for any customer. If you're not sure what kind of router you need, how to burn a DVD, or what type of cable to use to connect your computer to a flat-screen TV, relax. We do. And we'll be happy to help.

Computer Repair Milwaukee

Wisconsin's Best Computer Hardware Store is in Waukesha

iNET PC carries the top computer brands in the industry, including Logitech, XEffects, Cisco, Acer, Asus, Western Digital, HP, Lenovo, FSP and NVIDIA. Whether you're an avid gamer or a business professional, we have the computershardware and accessories you need at the best prices around. And if there's a particular product we don't have, we'll order it for you to pick up at our store in Waukesha.


A computer monitor is the primary output device of most PCs. iNET carries monitors large and small for every major desktop brand. We can offer high-resolution monitors for graphic design and video editing or affordable smaller monitors for everyday applications or to create a two-screen workstation. iNET PC can also repair or replace your desktop or laptop monitor if it's damaged.



Computer keyboards are the primary input device of most computers. iNET PC carries ordinary rubber-domed keyboards and durable mechanical keyboards. Need a high-performance gaming or ergonomic keyboard? iNET PC can get whatever model you want. We can even find DVORAK models. 

Logitech Keyboard Waukesha

Wireless and Corded Mice

People need a different mouse for different applications. A gaming mouse offers added features to give you a higher quality gaming experience and a competitive advantage. Ergonomic mice are built for more frequent use and reduce strain on your fingers and wrist. Wireless mice unclutter your workspace and are easy to take on the go. iNET PC has a large selection of different styles of mice built for any application.

Wireless Mouse Waukesha

Laser Mice

A laser mouse is a type of mouse that uses laser light (as opposed to an LED) to detect mouse movement. A laser mouse is more accurate than a standard optical mouse and is useful for games, graphic design and other precise tasks. iNET PC has the best laser mice available from major brands like Logitech and Microsoft. 

Laser Mouse Milwaukee


Whether you need a high-quality headphone set for video and sound editing, a portable and reliable model, or a gaming headset with a microphone attached, iNET PC has you covered. Contact us today to get your perfect headphones.

Good Headphones Waukesha


iNET carries a range of speakers suited for any user. Professional sound and video editors, audiophiles, and movie buffs will find superior sound quality from our higher-end models. Those looking for a balance of cost and quality will find excellent value from our Logitech and Creative Labs speakers. Whether you need a subwoofer, a portable set of laptop speakers or a Bluetooth speaker, our in-house experts will can get you what you need. 

Logitech Speakers Milwaukee

Linksys Routers

A router is a gateway between your network and the internet. iNET recommends Linksys routers for superior speed and security. Different types of routers are suitable for residential and business applications. iNET will help find the best router you need for your home or business.


Computer Repair Milwaukee

Computer Cables and Components in Waukesha

iNET PC carries a huge selection of computer cables at the most competitive prices. We sell the top brands in the industry like Bergtek, Trendnet, Cables To Go, StarTech, Cables Unlimited and Belkin. If you're in the Milwaukee area and need any of the cables and connectors listed below, look no further than iNET PC.

USB Cable

USB (Universal Serial Bus) is the most common type of power and data transfer connector currently used. USB cables connect peripherals like joysticks, external hard drives and printers to your computer. They can also connect computers directly. iNET carries USB cables and extension cables at competitive prices and back them with expert tech support.

USB Cable Milwaukee

HDMI Cables

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cables are the most frequently used HD signal cable for transferring high-definition video and audio over a single cable. They are used to connect monitors and televisions to computers and gaming consoles. iNET PC carries general purpose HDMI cables and extension cables. 

HDMI Cable Waukesha

Display Port Cables

Display port cables are one of the newest video and audio interface standards. They're used to connect a computer to a digital display like a computer monitor and can carry visual, audio, and USB data. With an adaptor, Display Port cables can connect to VGA, HDMI, or DVI ports. 

Display Port Cable Waukesha

DVI Cables

A DVI (Digital Visual Interfacecable is a video display interface used for transferring video which predates HDMI cables. It is commonly used for computer monitors and projectors, though not all DVI cables are capable of transmitting audio. DVI cables are also compatible with older VGA ports.

DVI Cable Wisconsin

VGA Cable

VGA cables are a largely obsolete cable design used to connect an analog PC monitor to a PC or laptop. iNET carries VGA cables and newer backward-compatible cables. 

VGA Cable Milwaukee

Ethernet Cables

An Ethernet cable is a common type of network cable used for wired networks and to connect devices with the local internet network. iNET PC has a large selection of Ethernet cables to fit your exact needs and can provide network switches and expert advice on network set-up as well. 

Ethernet Cables Milwaukee

Patch Cables

A patch cable is an optical or electrical cable used to connect one device to another for signal routing over short distances. iNET can provide you with patch cables for scientific equipment, headphone cable extensions, and everything in between.

Patch Cables Waukesha

Patch Panels

Patch panels connect devices on your network in a convenient and flexible manner. iNET PC carries patch panels suitable for homes, offices, and schools. 

 Patch Panel Waukesha

Phone Jack Cables

Phone jacks are one of the oldest audio connector designs, first developed in the 19th century. Phone jacks come in three sizes: 6.35 mm ("sleeve"), 3.5 mm ("miniature"), and 2.5 mm ("sub-miniature"). Shop for phone jack extension cables and connectors at iNET PC for affordable prices.

3.5mm Phone Jack Cable Milwaukee

PlayStation Cables

Lose or break a cable for your PS3 or PS4? iNET PC has the PlayStation cables you need to get back to gaming as soon as possible. 

Playstation Cable Milwaukee


Computer Repair Milwaukee

Laptop Accessories and Computer Parts

iNET PC is your complete resource for high-quality laptop computer accessories and computer parts in Milwaukee, including:

Laptop Cases

iNET PC can fit you with the perfect case for your laptop. We can outfit Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, and other laptops with protective, durable cases. Contact us for more information on how we can match your laptop with the best laptop case.

Laptop Cases Milwaukee

Laptop Docking Stations

A docking station is a hardware device that allows laptops to easily connect to devices like extra monitors, speakers and Ethernet-linked networks. Also known as a universal port replicator, a docking station all but turns a laptop into a desktop computer when at home or in the office. Contact us today and iNET PC can help you find the perfect docking station for your laptop.

Laptop Docking Station Waukesha

AC Adaptors (Power Adaptor Cables)

AC adapters are a type of external power supply necessary to charge laptops. iNET PC can help you replace lost power packs for a variety of laptop brands.

AC Adaptors Milwaukee

Universal Notebook Adaptors

Every brand of laptop has its own AC/DC adaptor. Even within one brand, different laptop models have different adaptor designs. Managing so many different power packs can become needlessly complicated. Third-party universal laptop power adaptors from iNET can safely power a computer from any brand. 

Notebook Adaptor Milwaukee

Laptop Screen Protectors

Laptop screen protectors are essential. They protect your screen from smudges, scratches, and indentations from the keyboard. iNET PC can provide you with a durable, protective laptop screen protector regardless of your laptop brand or size.

Laptop Screen Protectors Waukesha

Storage Media Accessories:

USB Cards

USB cards are great for storing and transferring data and images from your computer. Family photos, digital audio files, the great American novel that’s still a work in progress—with storage capacities up to 64 GB, there's room for just about everything.

USB Card Waukesha 

External Hard Drives

An external hard drive is a portable storage device you can attach to a computer through a USB connection. External hard drives spare you from having to pop open your PC while letting you add terabytes of storage space. iNET offers durable Western Digital Drives small enough to fit in your pocket. Work on projects of any size on the go or get a surefire backup for your irreplaceable data.

 External Hard Drive Waukesha

Blu-Ray Discs

Blu-ray discs are the modern digital optical disc data storage format. BD’s are capable of storing many hours of video in high-definition and ultra-high-definition resolution. iNET can supply you with Blu-Ray Discs for your favorite movies, projects, or other uses. 

 Blu-Ray Disc Waukesha


A DVD-ROM disc, short for "Digital Versatile Disc-Read Only Memory," is used for storing larger software applications. With more storage space than a traditional CD-ROM, DVD-ROM discs are a quality option for high volume data storage.

 DVD-ROM Milwaukee

CD-ROM Discs

CD-ROM discs, short for "Compact Disc-Read Only Memory" are optical discs that contain audio or software data whose memory is read-only. Though they're less frequently used now than in previous decades, iNET PC can still acquire inexpensive CD-ROMs for your use.

 CD-ROM Milwaukee

Industry-Leading Computer Products and Service

When you buy computer accessories from iNET PC, you can count on quality products, great prices and the best technical advice and service on the planet (or at least in the greater Milwaukee area). We’ll help you understand everything you need to know and take care of whatever you don’t.

Contact the top computer accessories store in the Milwaukee area and discover the iNET PC difference.

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