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Custom Computer Networks for Milwaukee Area Small Business

Milwaukee area businesses trust iNET-PC for IT network configuration, upgrades, and troubleshooting. From an initial network analysis, iNET develops business IT networks that boost productivity. Our custom-built servers and computers are the best offered in the Milwaukee area. All iNET-PC networks come with free training for your employees along with downloading and testing for your business softwareContact iNET online, stop by our Waukesha IT store, or call 262-574-9400 to learn more.


Custom Computer Networks for Small Businesses

Server setup and network configuration is a daunting task for many Milwaukee businesses. When you don’t get server setup and network configuration right, productivity declines and your bottom line inevitably suffers. That's where iNET PC comes in. We make server setup and network configuration painless with all-inclusive labor, setup, maintenance, and advice. Our technicians will travel to your business, analyze your existing network, and discuss your needs in person, then recommend the best network system for your needs and your budget. No pre-packaged solution can match the advantages of one custom-built for your needs.

Wisconsin's Best IT Networks

iNET offers comprehensive network set up for Milwaukee area businesses. We provide all the hardware and software, connect your phone system and fax machine, and install the best security systems and firewalls to protect your business data from hackers and employee carelessness. With nearly thirty years of expertise in network and server setup, iNET PC will build you a robust and future-proof business computer network.

Customized Email and Data Servers

iNET builds custom servers for businesses. An iNET server isn't just more powerful than any comparable model, it's also fully integrated into your computer network by iNET technicians. We'll download the software you need and test your server. We'll also recommend a server backup solution to protect crucial data from crashes or natural disasters.

All of iNET's servers are backed by an unbeatable five-year parts and labor warranty. If you ever have a technical problem, you won't be stuck calling a server technician in another country.

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Software Optimized for Your Business

iNET will install, configure, and test your choice of software on your computers and servers. We offer a range of productivity and security products with a network configuration, including a secure email system, antivirus security software, data sharing, and Microsoft Office products. iNET will install and test any software application you request on your build. Your network will be ready to use with all the functionality you need from day one.

4 Ways to Get Tech Support

iNET doesn't just disappear when we've finished building your network, we're here for you for the long haul. Our technical support includes:

  • FREE lifetime phone support from iNET's tech experts. 
  • Online diagnostics of your network/computer
  • On-site technical support at your business
  • Technical support and repairs at our Waukesha storefront location. 

One difference with iNET you'll notice right away: when you call our store, your phone call will be answered in two rings or less. Similarly, when you request onsite service we'll arrive and finish by the end of the day. Experience the iNET Difference in IT and you'll see why so many Wisconsin businesses look to iNET PC.

Call iNET PC or contact our Milwaukee network configuration experts online for server setup and configuration at your business.

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