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External Hard Drives and Data Backup Software from Milwaukee's PC Experts

An external hard drive from iNET in Waukesha gives you more storage space and a maintenance-free computer backup. iNET carries cost-efficient HDDs or high-speed SSDs compatible with PCs, Xbox, Playstation and more. Contact iNET online, stop by our Waukesha store or call 262-574-9400 to get started.

There are plenty of reasons to consider storing your data on an external hard drive. Maybe you need a safer, less finicky way to keep years of family photos. Maybe you need to store and retrieve your business data more quickly than a cloud connection will allow. Maybe you want access to your collection of HD movies on the go, without slowing down your laptop. An external hard drive can provide the solution to any or all of these problems.

iNET PC sells and configures portable HDD and SSD data storage drives, durable and large enough to hold all your data. Don't risk losing your important documents, movies and photos if your computer crashes. Back them up on an external hard drive from our Waukesha PC store.

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Southeast Wisconsin's Best External Hard Drives

Milwaukee Remote Data Backup SolutionsiNET PC carries external hard drives from top brands like Seagate and Western Digital.  Whether you're looking for portability, transfer speed, sheer size, security or durability, iNET gives you a range of options. From flash drives up to 1TB, 2TB, 4TB or larger HDDs, iNET has it all.

iNET can also order specific hardware for delivery. If you're looking for an external hard drive for a gaming console like a PS4 or Xbox 1, an ultra-durable silicon-coated hard drive, or other nonstandard hardware, call iNET PC and let our technicians find the best option. We'll hunt down the best price, order it, and call you to let you know when it arrives. If you need the hard drive partitioned or specially configured, our tech experts will have it ready to use from the moment you pick it up.

Complete, Effortless Data BackupsRemote Data Backup

iNET PC can configure external hard drives to back up your computer's data automatically or on command. Our technicians can preprogram your hard drive to back up your data on an ongoing basis, providing security for your files and information without constant effort.

Backing up your data on an external hard drive will spare you the expense of a hard drive recovery if your original files are lost.

Protect Your Business From Data Loss

iNET PC provides reliable, complete data backup solutions for businesses of all sizes. iNET can provide additional network storage space and portable hard drives for working during travel.

For full server backups, we recommend the ioSafe S5, a disaster-proof redundant server designed to withstand fires, floods and robberies. Call iNET PC for more information on business hardware and full network set-ups. 

Contact iNET PC today for more information about external hard drives and data backups, or to request a quote.

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