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Computers for Photo Editing Near Milwaukee

Expensive camera gear doesn’t mean much if your computer isn’t capable of handling photo editing. Whether you’re customizing photos professionally or just for kicks, having a computer with the ability to render, process changes, and store all your photos is essential. With a vast selection of potential options along with unrivaled customer support, get your next photo editing computer at iNET-PC.

Custom built PCs for photography and photo editing


Get a Customized Photo Editing PC

PC’s customized for any photo editing program near Milwaukee. Just mention the programs you use to bring photos to life, and we’ll make sure your PC gets the right parts to run your software efficiently. We can optimize a desktop or laptop for a variety of programs, including:

Custom built PCs for Photoshop workAdobe Photoshop
Lightroom photo editing on Custom built PCsAdobe Lightroom
Custom Built PCs for CyberLink photo editingCyberLink PhotoDirector
Custom built PCs for Skylum Luminar Skylum Luminar

Computer Requirements for Photo Editing

Depending on the kind of photos you’re editing, having a computer or laptop capable of not slowing you down is essential. While almost any computer in the modern age can edit photos, picking a computer with the minimum specifications below will ensure editing any photo in-depth is a breeze.

  • 500 GB SSD
  • 16 – 64 GB DDR4 RAM
  • Intel i7 CPU
  • NVIDIA 1060, 1070, 1080 GPU
  • 4K monitors
  • USB 3.1 card reader

iNET-PC techs will pick out computer components optimized for the photo editing process. Your computer will be work-ready as soon as the first startup. For the best PC builds on the market, call or visit iNET and save tons on a brand new desktop or laptop!

Powerful PCs for Processing Raw Image Data

Shooting in raw allows for infinite editing capabilities. While raw photos are ideal for editing, their increased depth and file size can mean dealing with enough data to put serious stress on your processor. iNET will give you a powerful CPU capable to respond quickly to your project edits. There are hundreds of raw file formats, including:

  • DCR
  • CRW
  • NEF
  • RW2
  • ARW
  • DNG

Computers for Any Camera or Photo Editing Software

Whether your camera is a Kodak, Cannon, Nikon, Panasonic or Sony, an iNET computer can be customized for digital photo development. Just tell our techs your favorite raw processing software:

Custom Built graphic design PCAdobe Photoshop
Adobe Lightroom
Custom built PC for AfterShot ProCorel AfterShot Pro
Custom PC for DxO Optics ProDxO Optics Pro


We suggest an IPS monitor for photo editing so you can see your pictures clearly and in accurate color. Whether you get a laptop or desktop, your screen should display close to 100% of the sRGB range of colors. Depending on your budget, we can set up your photography workstation with a 4K monitor or a standard HD screen.


Why iNET Photo Editing PCs are Better

  • Sleeker and Faster: Mass-produced PCs weigh you down with needless bloatware. iNET keeps your computer from working harder than it has to.
  • It’s Your PC: You have the final say on what goes into your PC. If you know exactly what processor and case you want, we’ll get those parts for you. If you don’t want to deal with the details, iNET’s techs will pick the best parts and software based on your specifications.
  • Milwaukee’s Best Computer Warranties: All our custom desktops get three-year parts and labor warranties. All laptops get one-year warranties, twice the length of industry competitors.
  • Fast & Direct Assistance: When you call iNET you won’t be redirected to an overseas call center or be forced to wait an hour to talk to a human being. In two rings of the phone or less, you’ll be speaking to an IT professional, someone who assembles and repairs custom PCs like your day-in and day-out.
  • Live, Local Tech Support: iNET offers unmatched IT support to the Milwaukee area. With us you’ll never have to ship your computer off in a box to get it serviced out-of-state; our in-house IT technicians normally turn around even major repair jobs in under 4 business days.
Contact the custom computer experts at iNET PC to get the best price in Milwaukee on a PC for photo editing.

Photo Editing Computer FAQ's

What kind of computer do I need for photo editing?

While almost any computer can handle simple editing functions, having a PC capable of any photo editing task is essential to growing your craft. It’s recommended to have a computer at a minimum containing an Intel Core i7 processor, 16 gigabytes of ram, and a 500 GB SSD for fast boot-up and load times. Using a NVIDIA 1060 GPU is a great future-proofed option for handling any large image rendering tasks. iNET-PC can help assemble your perfect photo-editing machine.

Do I need a powerful laptop for photo editing?

Yes, processing images requires a focus on CPU and RAM capability. Choosing a multi-core processor, such as an Intel Core i7, and having at least 16 GB’s of ram can go a long way to ensuring your photo editing projects can be completed smoothly and without sacrifice. Contact iNET-PC for the best laptop computer you need for photo editing.

What is the easiest photo editing software to use?

While there are hundreds of photo editing programs available, the easiest editing software is often the default photo editing program installed on Windows or Mac. Known as MS Paint in Windows or Preview on Mac, these programs carry baseline image-editing functions such as cropping, scaling, and file format changing. For mid-level to advanced photo editing, it’s recommended to get a computer capable of handling Adobe Photoshop, a popular choice for several years in the industry. Talk to a PC expert at iNET for more information.


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