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Waukesha Computer Repair Shop

We make fast PC repairs, with turnarounds typically less than 1 week, and offer remote computer repair over the internet, so you can fix your PC without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Computer repair and IT services are our bread and butter. No matter what issue you're having with your PC, you'll be well on the way to resolving it after you've given us a call. Contact iNET or call 262-574-9400 to begin fixing your PC. 

Over-the-Phone Computer and IT Support

Help is just a phone call away! iNET-PC offers a different kind of phone tech support than the big box stores. All iNET-PC custom computers and custom-built server purchases include FREE lifetime over-the-phone computer support. The iNET-PC technical support team is here to answer questions and find solutions to any computer problems you may run into.

With us, there's no wading through 10 different automated menu options, and no waiting on hold for 15 minutes. When you call us, a real person will be on the phone in two rings or less. Our friendly IT experts will walk you through a solution, and if the problem can't be resolved over the phone we'll recommend the best course of action.

Contact for Computer Services

Online Remote Access Computer Repairs

Your tech support call to iNET may uncover issues with your system that require remote access to resolve. Our remote access software is quick, secure, and hassle-free. It's a perfect solution for troubleshooting and resolving computer issues like viruses, spyware, and network configuration errors. Remote access repair saves you time and money by getting issues resolved without having to disconnect your computer and bring it in for service. Save yourself some stress and let iNET-PC’s Waukesha-based IT experts fix your computer problems without you even having to leave your home.

Frustrated? Get instant remote computer support now!

On-Site Computer Repair Service

Our repair technicians provide on-site computer repair services throughout southeast Wisconsin. We know there's nothing more frustrating than a computer problem leaving you powerless to conduct your day-to-day business or personal affairs. iNET-PC's Waukesha computer repair technicians will come to your home or business and get your computer or network server back up and running quickly.


In-Store Computer Repair in Waukesha

Milwaukee Area & Waukesha Computer Repair

Our in-house computer repair service in Waukesha will usually get your computer back to you in 4 business days or less after thorough inspections and repair.

iNET handles operating system crashes, ransomware attacks, virus-infected computers, and ordinary cases of forgotten passwords. We also offer data transfer, hard drive recovery and destruction, and computer cleaning.

Emergency Computer Repair

iNET-PC's rush service gets your computer diagnosed the same day you bring it in and put at the front of the queue for service.

We offer three rush service options:

  1. Service within 10 hours of dropping off your computer, $50 upcharge
  2. Service within 4 hours of dropping off your computer, $100 upcharge
  3. Immediate service, $200 upcharge


Contact iNET-PC's Waukesha computer repair experts today for repairs and technical support for your home or business computer.

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