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The Best Custom Desktop PCs in the Milwaukee Area

Looking for a kickbutt gaming rig? Need a powerhouse computer for your graphic design and editing software? Want to take your music creation up a notch? Make iNET PC your first stop.

We build custom PCs for every application. Whether you need a computer for 3D rendering, for video editing, or for working on clients’ tax returns, iNET PC will put together a system specifically for your needs—for less than off-the-shelf computers that can’t match our specs. Contact iNET-PC today to discuss your needs or check below for some of the builds we've assembled.


Custom PC Builds

"What are you going to use it for?"

An iNET PC comes ready-to-use for gaming, music production, or bioinformatics – if you need it, we build machines that weren’t technologically available to consumers just a 2 years ago. Tell us what software you’ll run, what projects you’ll be doing, and we’ll find the parts and put them together. We advise; YOU have final say on exactly what goes into your computer.

Every custom PC iNET builds comes with free data transfer and training. Your computer will have your preferred software downloaded, configured and tested before iNET helps you carry it out to your car.

iNET has constructed a whole
spectrum custom PCs including:

Custom-Built Computers from iNET Do More and Cost Less

Conveniently located off East Moreland Boulevard in Waukesha, Wisconsin, iNET PC is the computer mecca for the greater Milwaukee area. We also have customers from all over southeast Wisconsin who turn to us for both home and business computers.

iNET builds custom PCs for:


Affordable Custom PC Builds

Custom-Built Computers for Under $1000

A custom-built computer doesn’t have to cost a fortune. iNET PC will work with you to get the specific capabilities you need in a computer at a reasonable price.

With most off-the-shelf computers, you’re paying for a lot of “extras” you probably don’t need, or even want. By avoiding unnecessary components and software, you can focus on what you really want in a computer and avoid paying for what you don't. That's how we can build you a beast of a machine for less than $1,000.

Give us the hardware specs and the list of software applications you need downloaded, and we'll take care of putting them together. Your iNET PC will be ready to go the moment we gently lift it into your car. 

Basic Specs Available
  Desktops Laptops
RAM 2 to 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, or higher 2GB to 16GB
Processors Intel i3,i5,i7 Intel i3,i5,i7
Hard Drive 500GB to 2TB 500GB to 1TB
Operating Systems Windows 10 Windows 10

Cost-Effective, High-Performance PC's Built by the Pros

iNET PC builds powerful, reliable computing systems, and we build them to last with durable, high-quality parts. Yes, you can get a store-bought computer with the same speed and power, but it will cost substantially more—and you won’t get the local tech support iNET PC offers with every custom-built computer.

If you’re thinking a custom-built computer is going to take too long, think again. With our extensive experience building custom computers, we have all but the most complex builds ready in under a week. That includes assembling the hardware, installing your preferred software, and testing the system. Your PC will be completely ready to go when you walk out our door.


IT Support Services

If you’re looking into computers for your business, you’re probably aware of the outsourced tech support most computer companies offer. The long wait times to speak to a technician and difficulty understanding what they’re telling you are hassles no one wants to deal with.

When you buy a custom computer or server from iNET PC, our Waukesha computer repair technicians are ready to help you with any IT issues that come up. We’re available for over-the-phone, for on-site or remote support, and we sort out most tech issues within a day of getting a call.

Custom-Built Computers for Any Application

Every few years, software updates push the limits of old computer hardware. Professional CAD and video editing programs require more RAM and better processors every year. The newest games demand the most recent graphics cards. With a computer built by iNET PC, you have an easy path to upgrade. We design all our custom PCs to accommodate new additions and updated hardware. 

Whether you’re editing videos or working with complex 3D architectural rendering software, a custom-built computer from iNET can be readily adapted to ever-changing software platforms and the inevitable need for more storage. And with the best computer support in Milwaukee, downtime is minimized.

A Great Computer Deserves a Great Warranty

Many people think the warranty from a big box or online computer retailer protects them. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

When your computer glitches, gets infected with a virus, or won’t connect to your network, good luck getting any help. You’ll be dealing with backordered repairs, mail-in warranty claims, and call center run-arounds till you’re ready to throw a brick through your monitor.

We offer the best computer warranty possible: A 1-year blanket coverage warranty on custom laptops and a 3-year blanket coverage warranty on custom desktops. It’s simple: If your iNET PC computer breaks, our computer repair service technicians will fix it for free—almost always in less than 4 business days. You also get FREE technical support over the phone for as long as you own your computer.

iNET PC understands there’s just no time for downtime in business, that's why no one has your back like iNET PC.

Contact iNET PC for a custom-built computer at a fraction of big box store prices.

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