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Career Opportunity In Waukesha Wisconsin

Waukesha IT Career

iNET-PC is a multi-faceted business focused on providing network, IT, web, and marketing solutions to Wisconsin businesses, as well as computers and repairs for home computer users. Our techs handle everything from personal data recovery to maintaining database servers for local businesses.

iNET is constantly growing as we push toward our end goal of world domination. Positions are routinely open for bench technicians and network engineers. Both positions require comprehensive knowledge in all areas of technical support. Apply below or learn more about open positions.

Apply now or learn more below.

Computer Repair Technician Wanted:

PC repair bench technicians are responsible for getting clients the best hardware and software available. iNET bench techs build custom gaming PCs, repair damaged hardware, recover valuable data and more. iNET is looking for a PC technician willing to do what it takes to deliver superior technical support and services to businesses and private customers alike.

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Network Engineer Wanted:

Network engineers at iNET PC install, repair and monitor servers for a variety of southeast Wisconsin businesses. iNET clients utilize database, mail, file, print, web, and application servers. Network engineers are expected to solve problems and provide IT solutions for clients onsite, in- store, and over the phone.

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Business Onsite Technician Wanted:

Business onsite technicians at iNET-PC are tasked with servicing IT systems for a variety of businesses in southeast Wisconsin. iNET-PC onsite technicians frequently work with commercial and private Wi-Fi networks, POS systems and wireless network security systems. Onsite technicians should be prepared to handle all aspects of repair, maintenance, and security.

Learn more about life as a business onsite technicians at iNET.

Computer Repair Technician Wanted:

Position for immediate fulfillment; experienced computer repair technician with thorough troubleshooting capabilities. iNET PC/ Web builds and provides technical support for computers and is a website development company. iNET is looking for a PC technician willing to do what it takes to deliver superior technical support and services to businesses and private customers.

iNET-PC computer repair technicians are considered Tier I support, and will be the first line of defense when working with clients. While the majority of services are in store, repair technicians are occasionally required to handle onsite repairs for commercial clients.


  • Greeting customers
  • Diagnosing software/hardware issues
  • Quoting repairs
  • Provide technical support to end users and clients
  • Support customers' current CRM, ERP and POS solutions
  • Diagnose and remove viruses and malware
  • Assist end users with desktop email and server related email issues
  • Provide customers with a backup and disaster recovery plans

Required Skills:

All applicants will be considered regardless of experience level. Above all we value problem solving skills and a capacity to learn. Bench technicians who possess the following skills will excel at iNET-PC:

  • 2-3 years computer repair or equivalent
  • Comprehensive understanding of all Windows programs
  • Windows/driver installation experience
  • Virus removal experience

Competencies:PC repair bench technician for hire in Waukesha

While in-depth comprehension and expertise in all areas of technical support is not required, a minimum of a basic understanding in the following areas is essential to the best performance as a bench tech:

  • Knowledge of and experience with all Windows OS
  • Extensive hardware knowledge a plus
  • Knowledge of basic data recovery
  • Ability to set permissions on folders
  • Knowledge of tape backup software and hardware

This is NOT a ‘Job’ posting. Your dream technological support CAREER opportunity as an iNET Custom Creative Genius-inspired computer repair technician is available for immediate fulfillment. iNET is a work environment where your creativity will be challenged, your abilities will be tested and where you will become part of a team/family that is providing the best of quality in computers, support and web development solutions, all to measurably enhance iNET customer's bottom lines.

iNET is an equal opportunity employer with an immediate need for a PC repair technician fitting the job description.

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