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Milwaukee Area Data Purging Service: Digital Paper Shredding

Waukesha Data Sanitization Services

Digital identity theft and data misuse grow more common as more sensitive information is stored on computers. Before you throw away an old computer or external hard drive, it pays to minimize the risk of your sensitive data being stolen. iNET-PC offers confidential hard drive sanitization for the Milwaukee area. We wipe your drive with multi-channel data sanitization software and physically destroy the disks to remove any chance of your data being recovered. Stop by our store at 1430 East Moreland Boulevard, contact iNET-PC online or call 262-574-9400 to learn more.

Data Safety Does Not Require Shooting Your Hard Drive

Yes, those are bullet holes in the hard drive and platter to the left. Apparently, someone really didn’t want the stored data to be retrievable and used the drive for target practice with a .30-06. The ironic thing is that the magnetic information on the unpunctured disc sections survived. A determined and professional lab might even be able to recover readable code.

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Data Sanitization: Getting Rid Of Data to Protect Privacy

iNET offers rapid, secure, and cheap data sanitization in Waukesha. “Data sanitization"  means deliberately, irreversibly, and permanently destroying, or "purging," data from a computer, whether through hard drive destruction, shredding, degaussing, data wiping software, or other methods. Some customers want their data sanitized to strictly maintain their privacy. Others want to discard their computers and don’t want there to be even a possibility for data to be accessed. iNET ensures that nobody with malicious intent can recover your personal data from a hard drive. 

Destroy the Hard Drive for a Permanent Solution

iNET PC’s computer experts will remove the hard drive and platter (the physical disk that stores memory) and render them completely inoperable by digitally wiping and then physically dismantling them. Our methods are less dramatic but far more thorough than a bullet. After the process, the disc (or what's left of it) will have no usable residual data. Even sophisticated forensic tools won't be able to recover anything that resembles computer code.

Why is Data Sanitization Important?

iNET itself offers data recovery services, so we know how someone can recover "deleted" files and sensitive information. If you're planning on throwing away or donating a PC, even if you "delete" all of your sensitive files from it first, malicious hackers can still recover unsanitized data. Before putting a copy of your financial history and emails out into the wilderness, its best to purge the hard drive to prevent data recovery. Given how devastating identity theft can be, even the small risk an unpurged hard drive can pose is not worth it. 

Our data sanitization experts are professionals in every regard and will treat your data with absolute confidentiality. Nobody will see any of the data on your drive once it comes to our store in Waukesha. If you want to keep your computer, we'll simply install a new, blank hard drive and you'll be good to go.

INET’s Approach Saves Money and Risk

There are many forms of data sanitization, including degausing . iNET PC prefers the option which is most effective and complete – actual destruction of the hard drive and platter. There are software systems that purport to completely erase data. A costly separate hardware device can be connected to your computer to erase data. We believe the simplest option is best: physical destruction more completely and affordably assures your data cannot be recovered. Destroying the old hard drive and platter then installing a new one is cheaper, easier, and more thoroughly protects your privacy.


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