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Secure, Intuitive POS Software for Milwaukee area Restaurants & Small Businesses

iNET-PC sells and provides maintenance support for point of sale and credit card processing software. We install Camaleon Systems’ intuitive and extremely customizable POS software for restaurants, beauty salons, and other Milwaukee small businesses. Speak with accredited technicians for Aldelo, PCamerica Cash Register Express, and Restaurant Pro Express POS software. Contact iNET-PC for information on a secure point of sale solution.

iNET-PC is an Authorized Camaleon Systems Distributor

Aldelo, PCamerica Cash register express, Restaurant Pro Express, Camaleon POS software support.

Camaleon Systems is a Texas-based POS distributor all about robust, user-friendly solutions for restaurants, bars, grocery stores, retail stores, salons, and hundreds of other small to mid-sized businesses. 

With a POS system running Camaleon software, restaurateurs and other businesses have unprecedented capabilities. From the ability to quickly customize menus and take credit card payments at a guest’s table to support for biometric security devices and auxiliary hardware like cash drawers and bar code scanners. Your Milwaukee area business will run smoother and more securely with an iNET-PC POS system running Camaleon Systems software. 

As an authorized distributor of Camaleon POS systems, iNET-PC can install Camaleon software on any compatible device or computer. To get up and running quickly, we offer free training on their easy-to-use software. With iNET-PC, you’ll have POS software customized to the needs of your business, with the capability of expanding as your business grows. 

Camaleon POS Systems at a Glance:

  • Same-day installation and launch
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface for easy training 
  • EMV compliance ready and integrated credit card processing solutions
  • Windows, Android, and cloud-based applications for reports, online ordering, reservations, and more
  • WiFi mobile solutions for tableside service and inventory management
  • Built-in time clock and payroll system lets you create schedules and track employee hours

Camaleon Systems POS Software Capabilities

Multi-Store Management

Analyze and evaluate business performance with Camaleon’s powerful, browser-based reporting tool. Get at-a-glance views of sales, employee, and inventory data by location or as a whole from a PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.


Camaleon offers a multilingual POS system that can communicate in English, Spanish or Portuguese. You can set up language preferences for each employee’s preferred language to ensure seamless communication with your POS system regardless of language.

Camaleon Pay

Camaleon works with the largest credit card processors in the industry to provide integrated credit card processing that secures internal data capture, minimizes human error, and reduces employee theft.

Inventory Management

Camaleon’s inventory module streamlines inventory management tasks by simplifying the tedious but necessary tasks and helping you stay ahead of demand.

Employee Management

A time clock feature in Camaleon’s software integrates with fingerprint biometric scanners to track employee attendance and punctuality. It also integrates with payroll to save you time and improve accuracy.

Text Overlay

With surveillance camera feeds integrated into your POS, the text overlay feature makes it easier than ever to locate the surveillance footage you need to look into potentially fraudulent transactions.

Delivery Service Management

Whatever you deliver, Camaleon Systems’ POS software helps you manage drivers, differentiate pricing for different delivery zones, and archive customer records and order history.

Gift Cards & Customer Loyalty Programs

Customizable rewards programs can be quickly designed and implemented with Camaleon Systems software, and the customer data generated gives valuable insight into their spending behavior.

In-store Billboard

Say goodbye to chalkboards, sandwich board displays, and paper menus. Camaleon Systems POS software lets you display your menu, photos of your food, or anything else you want to display on any flat-screen TV mounted in your business.

Line Processing

Camaleon’s SeatMe restaurant waitlist app helps reduce wait times and improves communication between hosts and their guests. No need for costly pagers – text messages are sent to guests’ phones when a table opens up.

Online Ordering

Camaleon’s online ordering plug-in lets customers place orders on your website, mobile app, or Facebook page and have them sent directly to your kitchen printer.


Giving customers the ability to place orders and pay at the table via a touchscreen monitor virtually eliminates order errors, enables customers to retain control of their credit cards, and reduces service wait times.

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Camaleon Systems POS Applications

Camaleon Systems POS for restaurants and bars

You’d expect a POS system company developed by a bar owner to tick every box on your list, and Camaleon doesn’t disappoint.


  • Easy checkout with multiple payment types
  • Split tickets multiple ways in seconds
  • Unlimited multi-level modifiers
  • Multi-floor, multi-section table layout
  • Sales, cost, and productivity reports
  • Multi-course and tasting menus
  • Daily specials
  • Create customer tabs with one card swipe
  • Transfer and split tabs easily
  • Set up price schedules for drink specials
  • Track tips and payouts
  • Record drink recipes
  • Manage liquor inventory

Camaleon Systems POS for grocers

Camaleon’s robust system adapts to businesses of all sizes, enhancing both the customer’s checkout experience and the store’s productivity.


  • Simplified checkout
  • Common products database
  • Security system integration
  • Custom barcode generator
  • Case break inventory tracking
  • Vendor price specials
  • Fully EMV integrated
  • Order & Pay at the table

Camaleon Systems POS for retailers

In addition to taking payments (in-store and online) and tracking inventory, Camaleon Systems software lets retailers connect with shoppers through customized loyalty programs and text/email promotional campaigns.


  • Adaptable to text/email marketing
  • Discount and promotional item flexibility
  • Product performance reports
  • Custom barcode generator
  • Inventory management
  • Email receipts
  • Online ordering

Camaleon Systems POS for salons and spas

Working closely with industry insiders, Camaleon has created a POS solution that helps beauty industry pros build and maintain personal relationships with their clients.


  • Appointment scheduling
  • Text/email marketing capable
  • Inventory tracking and reporting
  • Mobile payment capable
  • Service/product history and pictures


iNET-PC supports Aldelo and PC America Point of Sale Software

iNET-PC offers full support for POS systems running Aldelo. If your system is regularly crashing, or won’t play well with a new peripheral you’ve added, our POS technicians will get it sorted out.

iNET-PC also provides authorized Heartland pcAmerica support for their Cash Register Express and Restaurant Pro Express software, two POS software programs that are in widespread use by retail establishments and restaurants.

Credit Card Processing Software

Security is the dominant concern in the credit card industry as fraud is becoming increasingly widespread. iNET considers security first when recommending credit card processors for our clients. We aim to follow or exceed the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), which has been adopted by most major U.S. credit card companies and regulates all businesses that process cardholder information.

iNET builds POS systems to work fluidly with multiple credit card processors. Card processors regularly change rates and unveil new security systems, so it pays off to have the ability to shop around. iNET’s multi-processor compatible systems make it easy to transition to new processors if there’s a better deal.

Intuitive Point of Sale Software Protection

iNET currently partners with Heartland Payment Systems, one of the leading credit card processors, to ensure your POS system is PCI-DSS compliant and protected from would-be hackers and employee thieves. Heartlands’ technology uses end-to-end encryption and tokenization to prevent any credit card information from being retained on your company’s POS system.

With Heartland’s credit card processing system, your customer’s transaction information is encrypted and assigned a token, and only the encrypted information moves through your system. When Heartland verifies the transaction, it only returns a reference to the transaction number to match your system’s token. Your POS system never retains unencrypted customer information outside of the tamper-proofed credit card reader. Hackers can gain nothing of value from attacking your system.

Contact iNET-PC to learn more about our current credit card processor options and security.

Point of Sale Software FAQ's

What is point of sale software used for?

Point of sale software gives your business the ability to accept card payments from customers and track sales transactions. POS systems from iNET-PC come highly customizable for the needs of your business along with protection from hackers and data thieves. Save time and worry with a POS software solution from iNET-PC.

Which software is used for POS?

While there are several point of sale software products on the market, iNET-PC trusts Camaleon POS Systems. With same-day installation, cloud-based reporting, and a user-friendly interface, the Camaleon system is a trusted solution for several Milwaukee area businesses. iNET-PC also trusts Aldelo and PC America point of sale software solutions for widespread use across Southeastern Wisconsin.

Do POS systems need internet?

Yes, most POS systems including Camaleon's require an internet connection. Luckily Camaleon's system offers WiFi mobile capabilities for flexibility throughout your building. iNET-PC technicians can assist with the installation and launch of your POS System, putting you back in the driver seat of accepting customer payments efficiently.

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