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Computer Parts for Sale in the Milwaukee area

We carry common PC parts and order specialized PC components to help guide you towards optimal brands and part selection for your upcoming project. iNET-PC carries CPUs, motherboards, graphics cards, RAM upgrades, power supply units, hard drives, towers, fans, and more. Contact iNET online, stop by our store, or call 262-574-9400 to see what PC parts we have in stock.

Computer Parts

Computer Parts and Repair Components in Southeastern Wisconsin

iNET PC is for

1. People in need of computer parts

2. Gamers looking to customize their PC

3. Elderly people trying to fix their computer

4. Anyone who’s experiencing computer problems

Call 262-574-9400 and one of our knowledgeable Waukesha computer sales associates will help you with your tech needs.

Best Computer Repair in the Milwaukee Area

iNET PC specializes in replacing a faulty computer component and enhancing machine performance.Computer Parts & Accessories in Waukesha Wisconsin

Our inventory includes:

  • Hardware 
  • Networking Equipment
  • Security software from reliable brands 

We also offer accessories including:

  • Hard Drives
  • Video Cards
  • Monitors 
  • Cases

iNET PC is your complete resource for high-quality computer parts paired with the best service.

Visit iNET-PC or contact us online to learn more about how our Wisconsin computer store makes technology work for you.

iNET PC carries the top brands in the business:


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Computer Products for Sale at Our Waukesha Computer Store:




A computer monitor is the primary output device of most PCs. iNET carries monitors large and small for every major desktop brand. We can offer high-resolution monitors for graphic design and video editing or affordable smaller monitors for everyday applications or to create a two-screen workstation. iNET PC can also repair or replace your desktop or laptop monitor if it's damaged.


Logitech Keyboard Waukesha

Computer keyboards are the primary input device of most computers. iNET PC carries ordinary rubber-domed keyboards and durable mechanical keyboards. Need a high-performance gaming or ergonomic keyboard? iNET PC can get whatever model you want. We can even find DVORAK models.

Wireless & Corded Mice

Wireless Mouse Waukesha

People need a different mouse for different applications. A gaming mouse offers added features to give you a higher quality gaming experience and a competitive advantage. Ergonomic mice are built for more frequent use and reduce strain on your fingers and wrist. Wireless mice unclutter your workspace and are easy to take on the go. iNET PC has a large selection of different styles of mice built for any application.

Laser Mice

Laser Mouse Milwaukee

A laser mouse is a type of mouse that uses laser light (as opposed to an LED) to detect mouse movement. A laser mouse is more accurate than a standard optical mouse and is useful for games, graphic design and other precise tasks. iNET PC has the best laser mice available from major brands like Logitech and Microsoft.


Good Headphones Waukesha

Whether you need a high-quality headphone set for video and sound editing, a portable and reliable model, or a gaming headset with a microphone attached, iNET PC has you covered. Contact us today to get your perfect headphones.


Logitech Speakers Milwaukee

iNET carries a range of speakers suited for any user. Professional sound and video editors, audiophiles, and movie buffs will find superior sound quality from our higher-end models. Those looking for a balance of cost and quality will find excellent value from our Logitech and Creative Labs speakers. Whether you need a subwoofer, a portable set of laptop speakers or a Bluetooth speaker, our in-house experts will can get you what you need.

Linksys Routers


A router is a gateway between your network and the internet. iNET recommends Linksys routers for superior speed and security. Different types of routers are suitable for residential and business applications. iNET will help find the best router you need for your home or business.

Computer Sales and Computer Repair Technicians For the Greater Milwaukee Area

We'll meet your computer needs with our experienced computer sales staff and easy-to-use technical support. Our technicians install any parts and programs at a reasonable price.

If we don’t have a computer part in stock, or you need a specialized component, we’ll have it delivered to our Waukesha computer store. No computer store in the Milwaukee area is more responsive to customer needs than iNET PC.

Visit iNET-PC or contact us online to learn more about how our Wisconsin computer store makes technology work for you.

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