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Waukesha Laptop and Desktop Cleaning Service

A Laptop and Desktop Cleaning

  • Prevents overheating
  • Prevents computer crashes
  • removes accumulated dust on fans, power supply units, motherboards, and other internals

Why Cleaning is Important and How it Works

Dust traps heat and interferes with your PC's fans' rotation, which can produce dangerous temperature spikes that cause crashes or damage memory and processors. Our computer repair professionals use specialized computer cleaning equipment and years of experience to carefully clean motherboards and video cards. Using anti-static equipment and careful attention to detail, we ensure a clean PC without damage to the internal parts. For the best Milwaukee PC service in southeast Wisconsin, call 262-574-9400 or stop by our Waukesha store.

Computer Cleaning & Repair Milwaukee WI Trusts

What harm can a little dust to?


The fans inside desktop PCs constantly draw in air to keep the internal components cool. Along with the air, they also draw in dust and dirt from the surrounding environment.

A layer of dust inside your computer insulates the internal components from cool air, driving internal temperatures dangerously high. Dust can also prevents the fan from spinning freely, compounding the problem.

Internal heat buildup + cooling fans that don't spin anymore = a computer crash just waiting to happen. The fix is simple: have it cleaned.

Call 262-574-9400 or stop by our Waukesha store to get your computer cleaned.

How often should a PC get cleaned?

We recommend a yearly cleaning. However, if your computer is used in a dusty workshop or is in a room where people smoke, we'd recommend getting it cleaned every six months.

For expert computer repair in Milwaukee, look to iNET PC. Our computer service technicians handle everything from routine cleanings to total rebuilds.

Contact the best computer service in Milwaukee for a cost-effective PC cleaning.

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