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EMV Compliant Support Services in Milwaukee

Small retail stores and restaurants are being encouraged by most major credit card issuers to install EMV card-reader technology in their stores. EMV-compliance reduces credit card fraud and helps you ensure PCI-DSS compliance for your business. iNET-PC makes installing EMV technology painless and simple. We'll analyze your network and install modern credit card readers during a single onsite visit. Contact iNET-PC to learn more

EMV Compliance POS Credit Cards

Avoid Chargebacks with iNET EMV-Compliant Point-Of-Sale Terminals 

Credit card fraud caused an estimated $16.8 billion dollars in losses across the United States in 2017—and the dollar figures continue to rise.

In an effort to clamp down on credit card fraud, three credit card companies joined forces and developed a more secure credit card protocol, known as the EMV (for Europay®, MasterCard®, and Visa®). EMV credit cards use an embedded chip to make transactions more secure for consumers and businesses.

EMV Compliance Support in Milwaukee

Merchants in the U.S. were advised to become EMV-compliant by October 1 of 2015. Many Wisconsin businesses were unable to make the switch to EMV point-of-sale terminals due to the costs associated with the new hardware and software systems. Unfortunately, not being compliant now leaves your company financially liable for fraudulent transactions and chargebacks. Many small businesses are facing steep financial repercussions for not adapting their POS systems.

iNET-PC offers tech support to help Milwaukee area businesses bring their point-of-sale terminals up to the latest EMV standards. We will install new chip readers and convert your POS system before you face chargebacks from fraudulent credit card transactions. Don't risk huge financial losses when installing EMV POS is quick and simple with iNET-PC.

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Milwaukee EMV POS System

Credit Card Liability Leaves Many Milwaukee Businesses On The Hook for Fraudulent Transactions

In the pre-EMV era, card issuers would assume liability for fraudulent purchases. Now, merchants without EMV point-of-sale terminals bear all financial responsibility for fraudulent transactions. The message is clear: Get EMV-compliant now or risk huge losses later.

If fraud occurs at your business, it won’t be long until you receive a bank notice holding you accountable for losses. Payment card companies have repeatedly shown no mercy to businesses that failed to become EMV compliant. By adapting your point-of-sale system now, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and money later. 

Don’t Take Chances without EMV-Compliant Chip Readers

Contact iNET-PC tech support in Waukesha for pricing on making your POS system EMV-compliant. We can install the POS systems you need quickly and at a fair price. The sooner you call iNET, the sooner your business will be safe from chargebacks and fraud.

Contact our POS specialists now for EMV-compliant technology installation at your business.

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