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Remote Access Computer Repair Service

iNET PC's remote access computer repair service can fix most common computer problems and remove computer viruses, malware and ransomware without the need to bring your computer in for service. Contact iNET PC online or call 262-574-9400 to initiate an online computer repair session. 

Get Your Computer Repaired Without Leaving Home

Fix my Computer now

From virus removal to software setup, iNET PC offers hassle-free remote PC service from experienced, local computer repair specialists at our Waukesha computer store.

Our technicians solve problems like long boot-ups and slow performance, as well as blue screens, crashes and lock-ups. We also provide remote removal of viruses and spyware, and can diagnose problems with your email service and wireless network.

Evaluating and repairing your computer over the internet requires only a phone call and a few steps to give us remote access to your computer. Then you can sit back and relax as we handle the repairs.

Remote Access Computer Repair from iNET's Milwaukee PC Experts

At iNET, you’ll always be treated right. From answering your call within two rings to explaining what is wrong with your computer and offering helpful advice on preventing future problems, our goal is always your complete satisfaction.

With our remote access repair service, you won't need to struggle with troubleshooting instructions and you won't have to disconnect your computer and lug it to a service center. Once we're connected with your computer, you can watch on your screen as we go through the repair process, or you can step away from your computer and we'll call you when the problem is solved.

Online remote access repair can resolve many common computer problems, but be aware that some repairs--particularly those involving hardware issues--may require on-site work. Fortunately, iNET is conveniently located in Waukesha and open from 8am til 5pm weekdays and 9am til 2pm on Saturday.

Get rid of computer viruses, malware and other problems

  • Trojans, spyware, and viruses
  • Blue screens, lock ups, and crashes
  • Installation of anti-virus or other programs
  • Long boot-ups and slow performance
  • Software, printer, email and wireless network setup
  • PC diagnostics
  • General troubleshooting

Remote Access Computer Repair for Businesses and Home Computer Users

You need solutions, not downtime. You can’t afford to be without your computer for days! Click the "Purchase Service" button in the black box below to initiate an Instant Computer Remote Session. Please have your credit card ready for completing a computer diagnostics request.

Call 262-574-9400, email or complete checkout to have an iNET PC Remote Access Computer Repair technician assist you.

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