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iNET-PC Customer Testimonials & Reviews

iNET-PC is your complete resource for home and business technology solutions. We specialize in custom-built computers and servers, IT support, and PC repairs for business and home users throughout southeast Wisconsin. We stand by all our computer products with the best IT specialists and computer repair technicians in the Milwaukee area.

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Quite simply, iNET-PC is your best choice for home and business computers, but don't take our word for it. See what actual iNET-PC customers have to say about our custom-built computers and computer repair services in the testimonials below.

iNET PC Reviews

Phil Bilodeau

"Such good service! When a computer crashed at my retail business (rendering that register useless and causing a lot of stress) a couple of years ago they were able to attend to everything quickly and professionally. I've used them ever since... Highly recommended."

Mike VanDine: National Clay Pipe Institute, Lake Geneva Wisconsin

"Hi, my name is Mike VanDine; I’m the president of the National Clay Pipe Institute. I’ve been doing business with iNET now for about ten years. Started with my personal computers and then I moved to my business computers and now they’re hosting my website and doing a lot of other service work for me as well. It’s been a real good relationship. One of the things I like most is being able to come in and talk to people who are local, people who know me and my equipment and know what my needs are. They’ve been very very helpful. Great customer service, great organization to work with."

Fran Vandre: Local Guide

"Courteous, efficient, good price, knowledgeable, friendly and spoke to us in terms we could understand."

B & M Auto Parts

"We own a small company here in Waukesha, we had a outdated computer website, outdated computers, the works.... just needed a uplift if you could say. Walked in, and before you knew it had help as if they knew I was coming. Worked with them fast and thorough, now we have a fully functional site that is getting hits like crazy... and computers that are fast and can processes the orders as quick as they are coming in! Thanks iNet!"

Jeff H

"I was in the market for a new desktop and didn't want to deal with ANOTHER problem computer from a big box store so I stopped into iNET. KURT had some good recommendations for me when I decided to have iNET build me a custom desktop tower. Just what I needed, fast, expandable, built to last and they had it up and running faster than I figured. I'm glad I went with a reputable local company, with the great warranty on the custom desktop (3years). I'd trust their techs to quickly repair any "freak" issues that could arise with my unit in the future. The free lifetime tech phone support is also a plus, if ever needed. Highly recommend!"

Sue Engelhardt: Engelhardt & Associates, Elm Grove Wisconsin

Hi, I’m Sue Engelhardt, president of Engelhardt & Associates. We’re a small business located here in the Milwaukee area. We’ve been working with iNET Computers since iNET was formed and pretty much since Engelhardt & Associates was formed. It’s been a long term relationship and we never plan to go anywhere else. They’re the best there is."

Chadwick Sayles

"I've always had a good experience with iNET. They've been able to find solutions to my pc problems when others have been stumped. Very knowledgeable."

Josh S

"What can I say aside from the fact that this is this single best company I have ever dealt with!! Almost a decade ago they built my first website and made strong assertions that I would be #1 for organic searches......less than 6 months after the site going live I WAS #1. They have built custom computers for me, handled nearly all of my IT needs, and to date have built or are currently building 5 websites all of which are not only visually beautiful but are ranking high in the search engines."

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