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New, Custom-Built Computers for Home & Business Use in Waukesha

iNET-PC in Waukesha builds custom desktops and laptops for the Milwaukee area. Get free data transfers of all your old files and local IT support for upgrades and repairs. No bloatware, no corporate phone mazes, no shipping your PC out-of-state. Experience a different kind of computer store. Contact iNET-PC online, call 262-574-9400, or stop by our store at 1430 East Moreland Boulevard, Waukesha, WI.

Why Buy Your Desktop or Laptop Computer from iNET?

The best computer advice, the best computer repair services, and the best computer warranties in southeastern Wisconsin - you get it all when you buy a computer from iNET PC.

  • All PCs come with free lifetime over-the-phone phone technical computer support
  • Free data transfer (transfer your photos, videos, and other important files to your new computer)
  • All desktops come with a 3-year in-store parts and labor warranty
  • All laptops come with a 1-year in-store parts and labor warranty
  • Every computer will be built and configured specifically for you
  • No bloatware or spyware laden programs you get with computers from big box stores (these programs slow your computer down and cause it to take a long time to restart).
  • Customizable and easily upgraded whenever you need it

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iNET PC Is Your Milwaukee Area Source for Computers and Service

Our computer sales staff works with you to determine the best laptop or desktop for your unique needs and budget. No other computer store can come close to the quality and value of our custom-built computers. We’re here for you after the sale, too—with the best computer repair and IT services in Milwaukee.

Desktop or Laptop?
  Desktops    Laptops
RAM 2 to 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, or higher 2GB to 16GB
Processors Intel or AMD Intel or AMD
Hard Drive 500GB to 2TB 500GB to 1TB
Operating Systems Windows 10 Windows 10


Easier to upgrade

Easier to add other components, such as an additional hard drive or DVD player

Less expensive

More ports to connect with devices


Sufficient power for most users

No additional monitor or keyword required


Word Processing, Gaming, Internet Browsing, Email, Photos, Video, Facebook, Video Editing, Video Chat, & MORE

Word Processing, Email, Internet Browsing, Photos, Video, Facebook, & MORE

  • Computers Basic Set-Up

    iNET PC's basic system computers are a good choice for basic tasks like writing emails, surfing the web and paying bills online. If you have a lot of family pictures and/or movies, you may want a larger hard drive. We have top-of-the-line Western Digital hard drives with 500GB of storage, 1TB, and more. We can even install a backup hard drive to make sure none of your precious moments are ever lost. It's much more cost-effective than buying a new computer with more storage capacity.

  • Computers Advanced Set-Up

    Let’s say you plan to use your computer for editing videos and streaming movies from the web. You could get by with a basic computer setup, but a RAM upgrade would probably be advisable to cut down on loading times. To keep your computer from getting bogged down, we’d recommend 16GB of RAM at a minimum. We’d also recommend a higher capacity hard drive or at the very least an external hard drive to store your videos.

  • New Custom Built Computers

    If you need a computer for 3-D modeling, animation or intense online gaming, head straight to iNET PC in Waukesha. We sell the highest quality new and custom-built computers at a lower price than any of our competitors, and we back them with the best computer technical support in Milwaukee. All our high-end computers have high-performance graphics cards and leading-edge processors that are more than capable of handling sophisticated computer programs and games.

  • Affordably Priced Laptops

    All the laptops we carry represent exceptional values in new laptops. If you know you want the portability of a laptop, but aren’t sure just how much processing power you need, we’ll help you choose one that will fit your needs as well as your budget. And when you walk out of iNET PC with your new laptop, everything will be ready to go when you get home. Just plug it in and turn it on.


Upgrading a Computer Is Far More Cost-Effective than Buying a New OneComputers

Many people think they need a new computer when often just a simple upgrade is needed.

For instance, if you start using a lot of resource-heavy computer programs and find your computer is sluggish, all you need to do is increase the RAM. Most pre-packaged computers from the big box stores come with the bare minimum of RAM, so that they can trick you into thinking yours is outdated, then get you to buy their newest model. We can easily upgrade your computer with more RAM & save you A LOT of money.

We can also upgrade your computer's processor to get the speed you need. And if you start doing a lot of gaming or are using software for a business application, upgrading your graphics card is a simple way to dramatically increase performance. Sometimes, just reformatting the hard drive will get a computer running smoothly again. If that’s the case, we’ll let you know.

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Leading Computer Brands & Custom-Built Computers

In addition to computers from Lenovo, Asus, Acer, and other top names in the industry, iNET PC custom builds computers to fit the needs of our customers. Before we sell you anything, we ask questions to find out how you plan to use your computer. Once we know this, we can make recommendations on what will work best for you. We can order virtually any type or brand of computer, or you can have us build you one. Whether you’re looking for a desktop or a laptop, start by looking at iNET PC.

Custom-Built Desktop Computers for Milwaukee Businesses and Home Use

iNET builds the best PCs for gaming, video editing, CAD design, and simple browsing in Wisconsin. We'll help you spec a custom computer for however you plan to use it. By eliminating unnecessary, inefficient bloatware, and overpriced extras we can build you a faster, less expensive machine than off-the-shelf options. With an iNET custom-built computer, you can count on the highest quality parts for a computer that will run flawlessly for years.

FREE Computer Training

When you buy a new, custom-built computer from iNET PC, we offer a free 1-hour, one-on-one orientation session with one of our computer technicians. Whether you need help with the latest Windows platform, setting up your email, or getting your photos onto your computer, our tech staff is here to help...for FREE!

A Seriously Great Computer Warranty

We build our computers with the best parts, and we back them with the best warranty. All custom-built laptops come with a 1-year warranty, and all custom-built desktop computers come with a 3-year warranty. If any part fails within the warranty period, we will repair or replace it at no charge to you. It’s bumper-bumper coverage for your computer.


Computer Parts and Accessories

Need a new mouse? Maybe you’re looking into upgrading your graphics card? Look to iNET PC. We carry all types of wireless mouse and keyboards, high-performance graphics cards, routers, ink and toner for HP, Epson and Brother printers, and hundreds more computer parts and accessories. All at great prices.

Learn more about computer parts and accessories available at iNET PC.

Visit or contact the Milwaukee computer experts at iNET PC today and experience the iNET difference.

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