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Build the Best CAD Workstation PC in Southeast Wisconsin

Computer-aided design software is many engineers’ central tool for designing prosthetics, automotive parts, and hundreds of other products. C.A.D workstations are crucial to maximize these designer's productivity and minimize rendering times.  Yet turnkey workstations are often under-speced or over-priced, and DIY builds are labor-intensive and come with no support or direction for troubleshooting. INET PC offers the Milwaukee area a third way. We build high-quality CAD computers at reasonable prices, backed by local tech support and built to your exact requirements.

A C.A.Design PC Designed for You

DIY Computer Aided Design PCs can’t match the support and quality of iNET.INET doesn’t build mass-production workstations for corporate sensibilities. We build for you. We’ll construct your rig for your preferred CAD software, choosing the CPU, graphics cards, and memory for optimum performance without any unnecessary and costly hardware. You have final say on the parts we put into your PC. If you want space to upgrade with more RAM and storage, we’ll leave you plenty of room. Need a combination CAD and gaming PC with two different graphics cards? We’ll build it and recommend our favorites on Steam. Your workstation will serve you and your wallet better than any pre-built model.

Loyal Local Tech Support

A DIY workstation offers an intellectual challenge and the opportunity to save money, but it doesn’t offer expert tech support when the deadline’s in days. INET does. All iNET Custom PCs come with a three-year part and labor warranty. You won’t need to lose sleep over software glitches and system crashes when the CAD software and computer repair experts who built your rig are a phone call away. We’ll be on the way to repairing any issues with your CAD workstation within two rings.

Contact iNET PC to learn more about custom CAD workstations, or to request a quote.