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INET PC Builds Water-Cooled Computers for the Milwaukee Area

All computers generate heat when in use, which is why they have built-in fans to protect the components in the computer case from overheating. Lots of fans. If you’re buying an off-the-shelf computer from a computer manufacturer, you’ll have a computer cooled by fans. If you’re having one custom-built, though, you can opt for a water-cooled computer.

What is a Water-Cooled Computer and Why Would You Want One?

Custom water-cooled computers for gaming, number crunching and other data-intensive uses.Instead of a series of small fans blowing air on the internal components of your computer, a water-cooled computer uses tubes filled with coolant, as well as a radiator and water blocks to keep your computer cool inside. You will have some fans, too, but for propelling the coolant through the tubes.

Although it’s more cost-effective to have a computer built with fans, they aren’t as efficient as water-cooled systems, the heat sinks can be quite large, and the fans can be quite noisy. A water-cooled system does a better job of keeping your computer’s internals cool, is much quieter, and doesn’t take up as much space as a fan-based cooling system (allowing more room for a larger CPU). Plus, you can use clear tubes with a colored coolant for some added bling.

A water-cooled computer can use a simple, self-contained (sealed) cooling kit that comes preassembled or a completely customized system with tubes routed to specific components. Once we know what type of computer you’re interested in and how you’ll be using it, we can make recommendations on how to best integrate a water-cooled system.

Contact iNET PC to learn more about water-cooled computers, or to request a quote.