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What harm can a little dust to? When it comes to computers, a LOT.

The fans inside desktop PCs constantly draw in air to keep the internal components cool. Along with the air, they also draw in dust and dirt from the surrounding environment. Although dust takes a while for dust to accumulate in your home, the fans inside computers speed up the accumulation of dust in your computer. 

A layer of dust inside your computer effectively insulates the internal components from the cool ambient air, driving internal temperatures dangerously high. Compounding the problem, dust gets into the ball bearings of the fan assembly and prevents the fan from spinning freely.

Internal heat buildup + cooling fans that don't spin anymore = a computer crash just waiting to happen. If your computer shuts down frequently or has difficulty running memory-intense programs, it could very well be due to a buildup of dust inside. The fix is simple: have it cleaned.

iNET PC will clean every nook and cranny inside your PC, without damaging any internal components. While we've got your computer open, we'll check to ensure your cooling fans are still working properly and replace them if necessary.

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How often should a PC get cleaned?

We recommend a yearly cleaning to keep your computer's internal parts free of dust and gunk. However, if your computer is used in a dusty workshop or is in a room where people smoke, we'd recommend getting it cleaned every six months.

For expert computer repair in Milwaukee, look to iNET PC. Our computer service technicians handle everything from routine cleanings to total rebuilds.

Take a look at these Before and After photos

To get an idea of just how dirty the inside of a computer can get, click on the images below. You'll probably be surprised how much gunk there was in these computers, but iNET’s Milwaukee computer repair technicians returned them to near-mint condition.

Click on the images below and use the interactive slider button to view the full effects of what a computer cleaning can do for a desktop or PC.

Contact the best computer service in Milwaukee for a cost-effective PC cleaning.

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