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Racine Restaurant POS Solution Implemented By Milwaukee Computer Support Experts

Dewey’s Restaurant and Sports Bar in Racine, Wisconsin opened its doors to the public in November 2012. Dan and Geri DuMont, owners of Dewey’s Restaurant and Sports Bar operate this family business as an upscale sports bar and restaurant. Settled in a prime location in downtown Racine, the Dewey’s building has full glass exposure with incredible views of Lake Michigan. The views are reminiscent of Chicago, but located right here in beautiful Southeastern Wisconsin.  The 3,200 square foot layout is decked out in sports memorabilia and décor and includes 12 flat screen TVs and a large projection screen for optimal viewing of major sporting events. Dewey’s Restaurant and Sports Bar offers 10 tap beers and an incredible selection of high-end pub food, including their signature stuffed burgers.

In preparation for their grand opening, the DuMont’s quickly realized they needed an efficient and user-friendly Point of Sales system to manage customer food orders and bar tabs. In a panic, the DuMont’s called on the Milwaukee Business IT Solutions experts at iNET PC. Within hours, the iNET PC team assembled and jetted down to Racine to install a customized Point of Sales system for Dewey’s Restaurant and Sports Bar.  With the already immense costs of opening such a high-end sports bar and restaurant, the DuMont’s were working within a tight budget. INET PC informed the DuMont’s the POS system would be affordable enough to fit into their budget and installation and training would also be included. The DuMont’s were ecstatic and iNET quickly jumped into action.

Waukesha Computer Store Professional IT Technicians Build, Deliver and Install Customized Restaurant POS System in Racine Sports Bar and Restaurant

INET built, delivered and installed three customized iNET POS system machines, which included industry leading Planar Credit Card Swipers for fast and accurate payment processes, Epson Receipt and Kitchen Printers for improved order accuracy and decreased food waste, MMF cash drawers (compatible with Epson printers) and high quality Planar Monitors with glass screen for significant reduction in wear, glare, film buildup and breakage as compared to plastic monitor screens.

The iNET PC Milwaukee POS systems included content management capabilities, allowing the owners to customize and update food and drink menus at will. With iNET’s customized, organized and user-friendly content layout, Dewey’s wait staff was able to effectively minimize screen time, permitting more time to serve customers.

Appreciating the rush and chaos the DuMont’s were under, iNET PC Milwaukee POS technicians further reduced the owners’ stress by recommending optimal locations for the terminals, allowing wait staff and bartenders to minimize transition time from tables to order stations. This simple benefit permitted Dewey’s staff to increase the amount of tables handled, as well as add more face time with customers. This chain effect improved customer service, retention and wait staff tips for providing prompt and attentive service to customers.

Milwaukee POS System Improves Racine Restaurant Productivity, Efficiency and Convenience Resulting in Better Customer Service and Higher Sales

On the backend, the iNET PC POS systems automatically calculated customer gratuity for optimal staff convenience and organization. Accurate reporting of employee tips by the POS systems removed manual inaccuracies and time-consuming calculations. The iNET PC POS systems further improved business operations by accurately and efficiently managing employee payroll and sales reports for precise and dependable recording of detailed business information, including expenses and revenue. By implementing these POS systems laborious accounting and human error was effectively eliminated, freeing up the DuMont’s time to address more pressing issues.

After installing the three iNET POS machines, the iNET PC Waukesha IT technicians stuck around to administer Milwaukee on-site tech support, including extensive hands-on training for the DuMont’s and their staff, ensuring the grand opening of Dewey’s Sports Bar and Restaurant would go off without a hitch. Prior to leaving this great new bar and restaurant, the techs reminded the DuMont’s of iNET PC’s 24 hour Milwaukee IT support with live, local technicians available to answer any questions or concerns, night or day.

Upon going live, the iNET PC restaurant POS system created smooth and efficient day to day operations, generating instant success for Dewey’s Sports Bar and Restaurant. Heightened staff productivity and resulting increased sales provided by iNET’s Milwaukee POS systems is an incredibly worthwhile investment for any restaurant seeking to increase profit margins.

If you are looking for a high-class sports bar and restaurant with incredible food at fair prices in Southeastern Wisconsin, get down to Dewey’s Sports Bar and Restaurant in Racine. If you are looking to increase your restaurant’s profitability through increased staff productivity and efficiency, go to the Milwaukee Business IT Solutions Specialists at iNET PC to have your restaurant outfitted with engineered excellence of iNET PC POS Systems.

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