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Huge Success with Waukesha Point of Sale System for Waukesha Restaurant

Taking inventory of Burke’s Lakeside’s increasing popularity, Sean Burke realized his current business management system couldn’t match his restaurant’s booming business efficiently. Sean realized a modern, Point of Sale (POS) system would increase his restaurant’s productivity and overall bottom line. With continued expansion and increased sales headlining the menu, Burke’s Lakeside turned to iNET-PC, the sister company of Burke’s creative genius inspired Milwaukee web developer, iNET Web, for a POS solution saving his restaurant time and money.

INET PC Professional Waukesha Computer Store Technicians Provide Restaurant POS System Installation for Burke's Lakeside

The iNET-PC POS system experts custom built a POS system tailored to Burke’s Lakeside’s unique operations. INET-PC transformed standard Point of Sale software designed for restaurants into a custom business management system allowing Burke’s Lakeside to efficiently customize menus, manage employees, handle reservations and gift and credit cards, and provide real-time surveillance of Burke’s Lakeside. After iNET-PC installed the Milwaukee POS system and trained Burke’s Lakeside’s staff, Sean Burke leaned back in his dining chair and watched every phase of his restaurant business –from menu ordering to calculating employee payroll- run smoother than he’d ever seen.

POS systems are becoming a mainstream method for running restaurants and bars frequently needing to modify their menu and customer ordering options. A customizable menu system is essential for restaurants like Burke’s Lakeside renowned for serving up eclectic menu selections. INET-PC’s POS system allows Burke’s Lakeside to make changes to their existing menu quick and efficiently. As the menu evolves, Burke’s Lakeside utilizes iNET-PC’s POS System to update menu ordering. As customers make Burke’s Lakeside their soul kitchen of choice, Burke’s Lakeside excels customer expectations by serving up an increased variety of dishes with lightning efficiency.

Milwaukee POS System for Restaurant Improves Business Operations, Staff Efficiencies and Restaurant Security

The POS system experts at iNET-PC added a healthy dash of employee management software allowing Burke’s Lakeside to manage employees with increased efficiency. With iNET-PC’s POS system, Burke’s Lakeside’s employee shift scheduling is more uniform, user-friendly, and neatly organized in an easily accessible employee database. INET-PC’s POS system eliminates a majority of the time-consuming paperwork associated with completing the employee payroll, saving Burke’s Lakeside cost on office materials. Calculation of hours worked and wages paid are completed with cutting-edge digital efficiency. INET-PC’s POS system increases Burke’s Lakeside’s productivity by keeping employees on task in the kitchen or dining room and out of the personnel office.

Burke’s Lakeside’s old gift card and credit card machine was plagued by the malfunctions typical of last century’s credit card payment systems. Slow online processing times, faulty credit card strip readers, and illegible receipts only hinder customer satisfaction and business productivity in today’s fast-paced world. INET-PC’s POS system credit card processing software keeps the customer line moving with fast and accurate billing on an easy-to-use touchscreen monitor. The POS system allows Burke’s Lakeside to activate, reload, and check gift card balances for no additional charge, providing Burke’s another means of minimizing costs and maximizing profit. The gift card’s reusable functionality entices customers to reload and pass the gift cards on to friends, sending Burke’s Lakeside down a profit-rich pathway paved by iNET-PC.

INET-PC integrated Milwaukee Security Systems with Remote Eye security cameras into the restaurant POS system, allowing Sean Burke to effectively protect his restaurant from theft, increase employee and customer security, and train new employees with ease. Many businesses experience lower levels of employee productivity and customer service when the boss or manager is absent. Sean remotely monitors Burke’s Lakesides’ operations wherever Remote Eye cameras are installed. Remote Eye provides surveillance footage inside and outside the building. Sean views customer transactions and employee performance in real-time throughout the course of the day, spotting ways to improving employee productivity and customer service. Just the sight of Remote Eye cameras outside Burke’s Lakeside deters thieves or vandals from taking harmful action. INET-PC’s POS system provides Sean an omnipresent eye-in-the-sky perspective ensuring his restaurant operates securely andWith the new POS system in place Burke’s Lakeside was ready for iNET-PC’s free business on-site training and tech support. INET-PC’s POS system experts had Burke’s Lakeside’s staff navigating, operating, and customizing the new POS system with little training time. Employees were trained with the POS system’s time clock, scheduling, and sales functions. The POS system’s user-friendliness inspired Sean and his managers to brainstorm new menu ideas directly in the software, with more efficiency than writing ideas out longhand, then digitalizing. A POS business management solutions’ effectiveness is only determined by the personnel’s competence in using it. INET-PC’s adept training ensures Burke’s Lakeside enjoys the benefits a smoothly operating POS system provides.

Burkes Lakeside Waukesha Restaurant
Burkes Lakeside Waukesha County Restaurant

Milwaukee IT Support from Waukesha Computer Store Provides Extensive Hands-On Training After Restaurant POS System Installation in Waukesha

INET-PC’s 24 hour Milwaukee IT support is thoroughly appreciated when Sean Burke and his staff need assistance with the POS system. INET-PC’s technical support team is available in just two rings of the phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, holidays included. With a production improving POS system, hands-on personnel training, and iNET-PC’s technical support, profitability will remain on Burke’s Lakeside’s plate indefinitely.

If your current, local diner is lacking in ambiance or a tasty menu selection, reserve a table at Burke’s Lakeside for your next business meeting, special occasion, or break from the beaten path of chain restaurants. If your current retail store, hotel, or restaurant is lacking in productivity, profit, and efficiency, sink your teeth into a Milwaukee point of sale system solution. INET-PC will outfit your business with the point of sale system and corresponding software to produce improved results in your company’s efficiency, productivity, and security.

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