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Customized Retail POS System For Milwaukee Horticultural Conservatory

The Milwaukee Domes is an indoor horticultural conservatory located in the heart of the city. Providing several different floral and plant life biomes in a quiet and serene atmosphere enables an educational and full sensory experience for all ages. The Mitchell Park Horticulture Conservancy is an ideal place to learn about horticulture or just to get away from the bustling city and relax, read, reflect or meet with friends.

With business booming, the Milwaukee Domes gift shop needed a faster and more modern method of completing transactions with efficiency and ease. Without hesitation, the Domes contacted iNET PC’s Milwaukee IT support specialists to install an updated money processing system.

Milwaukee Customized Retail POS Systems Rooted in Success

INET PC’s Milwaukee network analysis technicians promptly arrived to determine the specific operational system necessary to meet the gift shop’s needs. Upon completing a thorough network and server analysis, iNET PC installed and integrated a customized Milwaukee retail POS system for the conservatory’s gift shop.

In order to combat the Dome’s time-consuming manual cash registers, manual credit card processing and labor-intensive accounting methods, iNET PC’s POS specialists implemented a complete retail POS system directly customized to the needs of the gift shop.  Ensuring the existing computers could effortlessly handle the iNET PC POS system, our Milwaukee computer support technicians installed the latest version of Windows 7 Professional. Installing the updated Microsoft program provides a modern operating system for ultimate ease of use and system reliability. INET PC’s Milwaukee IT support specialists installed high quality Planar monitors with strong glass display screens to improve monitor durability and screen visibility.

Implementing an Orbit barcode reader machine further aided in sale transaction speed and efficiency by automatically registering product information directly from the scanned barcode. Instantaneous barcode capabilities allow the Domes’ gift shop to reduce time spent searching for products within the system. For certain items unable to be labeled with barcode stickers, iNET PC custom programmed the POS display to deliver an organized and comprehensive touch screen viewfinder format to ring up the non-barcoded items with speed and user-friendly convenience. INET PC’s retail POS specialists also implemented a membership discount button for easily and efficiently processing reduced prices for Friends of the Domes members on gift shop inventory.

High speed Planar credit card processing and credit card swiping machines enable real time transactions for fast and efficient operation. Installing the Planar credit card system empowered gift shop employees to complete sales with ease and expedience, allowing staff to serve more customers and increase sales. INET PC also provided the gift shop with a handheld wireless credit card processing unit, permitting staff to complete sale transactions even during internet outages.

Aiding in improved system efficiency, iNET PC’s Milwaukee IT support experts installed high performance Planar credit card swiping machines, rapid Planar credit card processing and dependable MMF cash drawers. Implementing an interconnected transaction system for the gift shop creates highly efficient and systematic processing. Using the cooperative system measurably increases available customer service time, aiding in increased sales. Our technicians also installed quality Epson printers for reliable receipt printing and consistent receipt readability.

Replacing the Domes’ gift shop’s manual processing system with a modern, electronic and highly efficient retail POS system measurably improved sales and enhanced attentive customer service. Within one month of the iNET PC POS system installation, the Milwaukee Domes was saving significant amounts of time and money due to the POS system’s quick reporting capabilities.

Waukesha Computer Store Supplies Blooms of Success to Milwaukee Domes Gift Shop

If you’re looking for a beautiful serene retreat in the depths of the city, visit the Milwaukee Domes. If you’re seeking a customized retail POS system to measurably improve business operations, efficiencies and profitability, call or visit iNET PC’s Waukesha computer store.

Contact the Milwaukee IT support specialists at iNET PC today to have your customized retail point of sale system installed.