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Milwaukee IT Support Experts Install Custom POS System Unique To Company Needs

Seneca Foods is America’s largest processor of fruit and vegetable produce. The company manufactures canned and frozen food products and supplies nearly every U.S. retailer, as well as 85 countries worldwide.

Adapting to corporate benefits, the Clyman, Wisconsin branch of Seneca Foods needed to implement an internal cafeteria payment system for employees. They contacted iNET PC, the restaurant point of sale system experts, and explained their need for an efficient electronic payment system capable of handling automatic deductions from employee paychecks for purchases made in their cafeteria.

Milwaukee Restaurant POS System Feeds Profitability and Company Morale at Company's Cafeteria

iNET PC’s on-site Milwaukee network analysis specialists arrived at the Clyman branch to assess the scope of the POS system the company would need. After an in-depth analysis, iNET PC’s POS experts installed a completely customized POS system to suit the unique operational needs of Seneca Foods' cafeteria.

INET PC’s Waukesha IT support technicians used the latest version of Windows Professional for its user-friendly functionality and resiliance to system crashes. Our restaurant POS specialists customized the hardware to allow Seneca Foods employees to swipe their employee card to purchase cafeteria food. Active card swipe technology provides real-time transaction deductions from the employee’s paycheck, which are reported on employees' payroll at the end of each pay period.

Our POS specialists programmed the system to incorporate the cafeteria's inventory on a user-friendly touch screen format. This new system enables cashiers to quickly and conveniently locate cafeteria items, enabling faster checkout for both cashiers and diners. Using customized coding, iNET PC’s Milwaukee computer support techs devised the system language settings needed for English and Spanish menu formats, expediting service for Spanish cashiers who are not entirely accustomed to English.

INET PC Milwaukee computer support techs installed high powered Planar credit card swiping machines, rapid Planar credit card processing and dependable MMF cash drawers to further improve operational efficiency. Advanced Epson printers provide fast, high-quality printouts of receipts.

Waukesha Computer Store Nourishes Success at Food Supplier Branch

Having a unified system increases the amount of Seneca Foods employees who can be served, which boosts both employee morale and sales. If you’re looking for quality grocery produce to stock your shelves, go to Seneca Foods. If you need a turnkey point of sale system for your business or restaurant, look to the point of sale specialists at iNET PC.

Contact the Milwaukee IT support experts at iNET PC today to have your customized point of sale system installed.