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Point-of-Sale System Installation & Tech Support

Sales and Technical Support Throughout Southeast Wisconsin

iNET-PC is a full-service provider of touchscreen point-of-sale systems for restaurants and retail stores throughout southeast Wisconsin. Our technicians will come to your business, install your POS system and train your staff. And if you ever have questions or problems, we’re here for you with 24/7 technical support.

We custom program POS software to fit the unique needs of each business. In addition to being easy to use, the POS systems we install are fully PCI compliant for enhanced security. With the move toward “smart cards” as the new industry standard, the systems we install are also fully compatible with EMC cards. 

Should you ever have a problem with your POS system, you will have free, local support in two rings of the phone—not just for the first 30 days of ownership, but for as long as you own the system. No other POS system provider in the Milwaukee area offers this level of support. 

To learn more about how iNET PC point-of-sale systems can streamline operations and improve security for your business, call us at 262-574-9400.

The iNET Difference:Point of sale system at retailer
  • Local
  • English-Speaking
  • Responsive
  • Secure
  • Proven

We Provide:

  • Receipt printers
  • Touch-screen monitors
  • Tablets (Android, Windows, iPad)
  • Barcode scanners
  • Stands and mounts for tablets
  • Card readers
  • Cash drawers
  • mPOS systems (mobile point of sale)
  • Authorized pcAmerica support
  • Authorized Aldelo support
  • Quickbooks integration and inventory management
Ask about Quickbooks integration and inventory managment.

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No Business Too Small

iNET-PC has configured and installed POS systems for all kinds of small to mid-sized businesses, as well as a few large ones. If youhave customers who pay with credit cards, you're a candidate for a POS system. From food truck operators and craft fair vendors to grocery stores and restaurants, there's a point of sale system for evey type and every size business. 

iNET-PC Installs POS Systems for:

bakeries consignment shops gift shops pet stores
bars convenience stores golf courses pharmacy
bookstores dollar stores grocery stores pizza shops
boutiques drugstores gun shops restaurants
cafes dry cleaners gyms retail stores
car wash fast food hair/nail salons schools
clinics food trucks hardware stores shoe stores
clothing stores frozen yogurt hotels spas
coffee shops gas stations liquor stores just ask!


Waitress holding menu and iPadWireless iPad POS Systems 

Even though electronic cash registers have been in use for decades, the sad fact is they haven’t become any easier to use. The user interface is typically complicated, which makes the learning curve for new employees painfully steep. So it’s no wonder iPad POS systems have become so popular. Their familiar, intuitive interface is a welcome relief.

If you’ve dined at any large chain restaurants in the past couple of years, you’ve seen how the wait staff is increasingly using iPads. The trend has now filtered down to smaller restaurants and retail shops. Wireless systems not only give employees greater mobility, they also improve the accuracy of order entry, streamline transactions, and facilitate better customer service.

iNET-PC can customize iPad POS software to whatever type of restaurant or retail business you run. Your wireless POS system will be seamlessly integrated into your existing point-of-sale system equipment, including receipt printers. If you need a complete system, we can put one together for you.


iPad POS Systems Increase Restaurant Efficiency & Profitability

Credit card being used at POS terminalAn iPad POS system for restaurants significantly reduces the amount of time spent hand-writing orders and totally eliminates the confusion and waste caused by illegible, hand-written order errors. 

With a full digital menu to select from, wait staff can accurately take orders and wirelessly send them to the kitchen or bar right at their guests’ tables. Ordering is faster, more accurate, and staff can provide more attentive customer service. Customers are happier, tips are better, and your restaurant’s profitability goes up. 

Added bonus: an iPad POS system instantly conveys that your business is hip to technology. This may not be a huge benefit for an antique shop, but for most business it’s definitely leaves a favorable impression on customers.  

The mobility afforded by wireless iPad POS systems is also ideal for farmers’ markets, food trucks, craft fairs, and other businesses where POS systems that require transactions to take place at a fixed location just aren’t practical.

Read how the famous Milwaukee restaurant benefitted from our iPad POS system.

Does Your Restaurant’s Current POS System Properly Account For Sales Tax on Drinks?

Wisconsin State law allows bars and restaurants to include sales tax in the price of a drink, as long as it is advertised (i.e. “Price Includes Sales Tax”). Unfortunately, many POS systems just exempt the sales tax because it is easier. Trouble is, then the owner is on the hook for the tax. 

With iNET POS systems, you will be set up to automatically include the sales tax with every drink purchase. All you need to do is let your customers know the price includes sales tax. When income tax season comes, you’ll be able to easily access the data you need to accurately account for all your sales. 

Preloaded Point of Sale Menus For:

  • Arby’s
  • Aqua Terra Sea Food Restaurant
  • Bojangles
  • Church’s Chicken
  • Frenchy’s Chicken
  • Little Caesars
  • Popeyes
  • Al Seraj
  • Mai Colachi
  • Fruit Mix
  • Nouveau Bistro
  • Mezza Restaurant
  • Vince’s Pizza
  • Pinehurst Breakfast House
  • Las Ramadas Mexican Grill
  • Shawkool Grill and Bar
  • Spa White of America
  • Havana Cuban Grill
  • Aga’s Restaurant
  • Tao Spa
  • Edi’s Pizzeria
  • Huli Huli Hut
  • Hair by Javier Beauty Salon
  • 4 Sides Pizza
  • Moscato’s Bella Cucina
  • Bombay Chopsticks
  • Gelateria 4D
  • La Margianl Puertorican Restaurant
  • Kwality Ice Cream
  • Bigger Faster Stronger Nutrition
  • Little J’s
  • New York Pizza
  • Jess’s Place Bar – Restaurant
  • Poppys Pizza
  • Beirut Fine Lebanese Cuisine
  • Frutto Frozen Yogurt
  • Tutti Frutti – Frozen Yogurt
  • Jambeto’s Bakery & Café
  • Senate Bar & Lounge
  • Bonito Michoacan
  • CangTong
  • Al Kabab
  • Royal Restaurant
  • Cosanostra Pizzeria
  • Coco – Chocolate Lounge & Bistro
  • Daddy’s Gourmet Burgers
  • The Artichoke Restaurant & Bar
  • El Rincon
  • Edwards Pub & Grub
  • Red’s Place
  • Taj Indian Restaurant

iNET-PC is an Authorized Camaleon Systems Distributor

Camaleon POS terminal in use at restaurant

Camaleon Systems is a Texas-based distribuitor of point of sale software and hardware. Founded by a UW Madison graduate who transitioned from a successful career as a mechanical engineer to a bar/club owner, Camaleon Systems is all about robust, user-friendly solutions for restaurants, cafes, retail stores and salons. 

Camaleon POS software and systems are in use throughout the United States, Japan, and South America.  As an authorized distributor of Camaleon POS systems, iNET-PC can install any of their software on any compatible device or computer. We provide training in how to use the Camaleon POS system. With iNET-PC, you can count on a system that is sized right for the needs of your business, with the capability of expanding as your business grows. 

Camaleon POS Systems at a Glance:

  • Same-day installation
  • User-friendly, intuitive, customizable interface 
  • EMV ready, integrated credit card processing solutions
  • Windows, Android and cloud-based applications for reports, online ordering, reservations, and more
  • WiFi Mobile solutions for tableside service and inventory management
  • Built-in time clock and payroll system lets you create schedules and track employee hours 

Rapid Response to POS Problems Minimizes Downtime

Even as good as technology has become, no system is completely infallible. Glitches are inevitable, which is why the supplier you buy your system is from is as important as the type of system you buy. 

When there’s a technical problem, nothing is more maddening than having to wade through a seemingly endless automated menu only to get connected to someone at a call center in another country who’s just reading off a checklist for troubleshooting problems. 

iNET-PC is different. All calls are answered by the second ring and you’re immediately connected to our Waukesha-based technical support staff. If the problem can’t be sorted out over the phone, we’ll come to your business—on the day you call, whenever possible. No one else comes close to this level of support.

Contact iNET-PC online for more information on Camaleon point of sale solutions, or call 262-574-9400.