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Custom Built Business Servers Milwaukee

An iNET PC server, custom designed with server-grade components, meets the data storage and retrieval needs of your Milwaukee business. iNET PC servers outperform those offered by other Milwaukee computer stores and national computer sales giants, who use second-tier components and prepackaged server solutions to increase profit margins. iNET PC builds custom servers exactly to your business needs. Couple an intuitively designed network/server with the use of only premium components and you’ll have a recipe for peace-of-mind. You no longer have to subject yourself to the “one-size-fits-all” solution.

Computer Repair Milwaukee

When you purchase an iNET PC custom server, you get Milwaukee custom-built server applications configured to fit your exact needs. e-mail, data sharing, security and data backup applications for your business server--iNET PC sets you up with everything. Our expert local computer technicians will also train your staff on all your new custom server applications – as well as any current application upgrades. Should any server problems arise, an iNET PC Milwaukee server repair technician will be on-site the same day to get your business back in action.

Milwaukee IT Support for Servers and Routers

network serverFrom network concepts, installation, application, and support, iNET PC is your complete IT business support solution.

We specialize in:

  • Exchange servers
  • Window servers
  • File servers
  • Remote servers
  • Servers for small businesses
  • Windows server repair
  • Server installation
  • Linux server installation and more!

iNET PC’s specifically designed custom network solutions will bolster your network security, making sure your data is protected both internally and externally. iNET PC gives you the tools to eliminate all guesswork from your information technology approach and have total confidence.


Firewalls can refer to software or hardware. We often install SonicWall firewalls, a firewall router to protect small businesses from unauthorized access to their network.

Contact the Milwaukee business server experts today to learn about our 3-year server warranties and 5-year hard drive warranties.