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Free Data Transfer with Every New Computer

Computer Free Training

INET PC is your customer-focused alternative to the big box stores selling computers alongside household appliances, offering a more personalized and helpful approach to the daunting task of buying a new computer.

Milwaukee PC Technicians Offer Free Data Transfer

With the purchase of any new laptop or desktop computer, we offer free transfer of all the data on your old computer's hard drive to your new computer. None of your files will be lost or corrupted during the transfer. When you power up your new computer, everything you had on your old one will be there. 

On-Site and In-Store Orientation Session on Your New Computer

Finding your way around a new computer can be confusing. That's why we offer a one-hour orientation session with every new computer we sell. Our computer pros will guide you through your computer’s setup, its operating system, and the programs installed on it. We can even show you how to connect to your printer, or set up your wireless router. By the time you leave, you'll have a full understanding of your new computer.

For more details on data transfer to a new computer, contact iNET PC online or call 262-574-9400.