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Computer Parts for Sale in Waukesha

Computer PartsComputer Parts and Repair Components in Southeastern Wisconsin

Whether you’re a gamer or a grandmother, iNET PC has the computer parts you need to get your computer running right, and expert advice to make sure you always get the right parts.

Don’t wander aimlessly around the internet or some big box store in search of parts for your computer. Let iNET PC's knowledgeable Waukesha computer sales associates help you with your technology needs.

iNET PC Has the Best Computer Parts in the Milwaukee Area

iNET PC builds custom computer systems for businesses and home users, so we have a huge inventory of computer parts--quite possibly the largest in Milwaukee. If you need to replace a faulty computer component or want to tweak your machine's performance with computer upgrades, iNET PC has the goods.

Our inventory includes hardware, networking equipment, security software and more from the top names in the business. From hard drives to video cards, iNET PC is your complete resource for high-quality computer parts at the best prices.

iNET PC carries the top brands in the business:

  • Acer
  • Asus
  • Logitech
  • HP
  • Lenovo
  • XEffects
  • FSP
  • Clicksafe
  • LYNX
  • Cisco
  • Western Digital


Computer Repair Milwaukee

Computer Products for Sale at iNET PC Waukesha Computer Store:

CPU (Central Processing Unit)

A central processing unit is a piece of hardware within a computer which allows programs to function. CPUs are the most important component for adding speed and efficiency to common computers and if the CPU doesn’t work, nothing works. Whether you need a replacement CPU or one for a new build, head directly to iNET PC.

Computer CPUs for sale in Milwaukee


A motherboard is your computer’s main printed circuit board (PCB). It's essential for communication between all your PC components. Your motherboard needs to have the space for your CPU, graphics cards, RAM and PSU, and it pays to leave room for computer upgrades.

Motherboard parts from a Waukesha PC store


RAM (Random Access Memory) is the way your computer stores data. This computer component makes it possible for data to be read and written simultaneously. Having more RAM is crucial if you intend to run numerous programs at once or use memory-intensive software like photo editors, games and music production toolkits.

Upgrades in Waukesha

PSU (Power Supply Unit)

The Power Supply Unit converts normal AC current to the low-voltage regulated DC power needed by internal computer components. Each computer part requires a certain amount of power. The PSU provides the right amount. Nothing is more dangerous to your computer than a faulty PSU; if computer components get improper amounts of power, they'll short out.

Power Supply Units for Sale in Milwaukee

Computer Towers

A nonstandard computer tower is a great way to have a computer built specifically to your spec. If you're an experienced builder looking for a custom system, we have the towers for your next creation. Our towers have room for everything you need, plenty of USB slots, and high-cooling or sound-proof systems. Most importantly, they look really cool. If you want our computer geeks to build a system from scratch, we'll do that, too.

Computer Towers for Sale in Milwaukee

Internal Computer Fans

Computers generate heat, especially the more powerful ones—which is why it's essential to have fans inside them to draw cool air in and blow warm air out. A fan that isn't working will cause your computer to overheat, damaging the internal components and cause unexpected shut-down. iNET carries quiet, efficient fans which minimize cleaning times. If you're really determined to never need to dust off your PC, consider a water cooling system.

Internal Computer Fans for Sale in Milwaukee

SSD (Solid State Hard Drive)

A solid-state hard drive uses only integrated circuit assemblies for memory and has no moving parts, hence the name. SSDs are faster and less prone to failure than traditional Hard Drive Discs, though they are more expensive. Using one to store your operating system, critical programs, or even your entire computer memory can dramatically boost your computer's speed. Most are compatible with traditional input/output (I/O) hard disk drives, so replacement is easy.

SSD Hard Drives in Milwaukee

GPU (Graphics Card)

A GPU, or graphics card, is similar to a CPU but is specially built to efficiently run frequently repeated calculations, like those that create video game graphics. iNET carries GPUs that will give your favorite games a snappier, faster experience. GPUs are also important for some video editing and CAD programs.

GPU (graphics card) from ASUS

Sound Cards (Audio Cards)

A sound card (or audio card) is a computer part to expand the internal input and output of audio from your computer programs. A sound card can noticeably improve the quality of your sound system, allowing you to enjoy movies or games in a more immersive way. Sound cards are also crucial for most music production PC builds.

Sound Cards for Sale in Waukesha

StarTech Adapter Cards

Powered USB cards and adapters let you add ports for all sorts of processes or custom embedded applications. —a great way to expand your computer system's I/O capability and add compatibility for other technology and applications. Talk to our techs about adapter cards and how they can improve your computer.

Adapter Cards and Boards sold in Milwaukee

PCI and PCI Express Riser Cards

"PCI” is short for Peripheral Component Interconnect. This computer component delivers data to and from your computer CPU from "peripherals," like your PC's mouse, keyboard, monitor, and speakers. PCI Express (PCIe or PCI-e) components are the faster and smaller version of PCI risers currently in use. They improve connectivity and speed.

PCI and PCI Express Riser Cards for Sale in Waukesha

RAID Array Controller Cards

RAID is an acronym for "Redundant Array of Inexpensive Discs." RAID arrays are far safer and faster than single disc memory storage, but their efficiency is only usable with a good RAID controller card to manage the discs and present their memory in a usable form to your computer. 

RAID Controller Cards in Waukesha

CD-ROM Drive

CD-ROM is an acronym for "Compact Disc Read-Only Memory," the major data storage system of the early 1990s. iNET carries inexpensive and reliable external CD-ROM Drives so you can continue using your music collection, family photographs or other CD-stored content with any new computer.

CD ROM Drives for Sale in Milwaukee


A DVD (or "Digital Versatile Disc") is another digital disc storage format that was popular from the late 1990s to the late 2000s and is still common today. DVDs are, as the name says, versatile, and iNET carries DVD players that can read DVDs along with Blu Ray discs.

DVD ROM Players for PCs Milwaukee

Blu-Ray Disc Players

Blu-Ray discs have been the standard for compact and inexpensive media storage since their introduction in the late 2000s. iNET carries Blu-Ray Disc players and burners to allow you to watch and store high-definition movies and other valuable data.

Blu-Ray Disc Players for Sale in Milwaukee

Western Digital External Hard Drives

External hard drives spare you from having to pop open your PC while letting you add terabytes of storage space. iNET offers durable Western Digital Drives small enough to fit in your pocket. Work on projects of any size on the go or get a surefire backup for your irreplaceable data.

External Hard Drives in Waukesha

USB Cards

USB cards are great for storing and transferring data and images from your computer. Family photos, digital audio files, the great American novel that’s still a work in progress—with storage capacities up to 16 GB, there's room for just about everything.

Waukesha USB Drives

Computer Sales and Computer Repair Technicians For the Greater Milwaukee Area

iNET PC has the experienced computer sales staff and expert technical support you need to help you with computer parts. iNET PC's technicians will even install your parts and programs at a reasonable price if you’re uncomfortable doing it yourself.

In the unlikely event iNET PC doesn’t have a computer part in stock, or you need a specialized component, we’ll order it and have it sent to our Waukesha computer store. Our top priority is getting your computer running better than ever. No computer store in the Milwaukee area is more responsive to customer needs than iNET PC.

Contact the Milwaukee computer parts experts at iNET PC or stop by our Waukesha computer store for motherboards, graphics cards, RAM upgrades and other computer equipment.