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IT Services for Law Firms in Milwaukee, Waukesha, & Beyond

iNET-PC has top-notch IT services – including continued tech support and initial network configuration for law firms in Milwaukee, Waukesha, and the rest of Southeastern Wisconsin.

IT Support for Law Firms

Server & network setup for Milwaukee law firms

Advancements in legal technology are becoming increasingly important for lawyers’ everyday work. So it’s equally important that your technology runs smoothly.

It all starts with your law firm’s server and network. A glitchy server can result in a system outage (server downtime), which damages company productivity. In a fast-paced legal environment, that means cases endangered and profits lost.

iNET-PC is your IT solution. We’ll get you a new server with an ironclad warranty that’s customized to your law firm’s specific needs. It will be protected with secure firewalls and backup servers – the heart of a computer network you can count on.

Protect your clients’ data and keep your law office moving at full speed.

Servers, wireless routers, software, and firewalls – we’ll set everything up for you. But that’s not all.

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Tech support for law offices in Southeastern Wisconsin

iNET-PC also provides expert tech support services in and beyond the greater Milwaukee area.

Unlike many IT companies, we won’t charge you a monthly rate. After all, you might not need our services every month – so why should you have that constant cost? Instead, you pay for the times you actually need us.

We offer tech support both over the phone (which is FREE) and on-site. So if you have a problem or want to expand your network, our techs will come to you.

How iNET’s IT services stand out

Stability & Security: iNET has been defending businesses from viruses and hackers since the turn of the millennium. We protect your information with the best backup servers, scanning software, and hardware firewalls around. We configure networks for reliability and minimal downtime, so your lawyers can do more uninterrupted casework.

We Get Business: iNET is also a web development and marketing agency – and we’ve been responsible for boosting profits for personal injury attorneys and criminal defense lawyers in Southeastern Wisconsin. So iNET is a company that’s based on customization and strategy for our clients, whether they need web design or IT infrastructure.

Fast & Accessible Tech Support: The best technical support has nothing to do with call centers and long hold times. iNET’s free on-the-phone tech support (which you get for the whole life of your system) puts you in touch with our Waukesha-based IT consultants – within two rings of the phone.

For work that can’t be done over the phone, our techs can zip over to your offices for on-site maintenance. We have package plans with on-site hours offered in 10-hour blocks. These flexible hours never expire, and any that are left over after an on-site visit are credited back into your account.

Or you can choose an a la carte or specialized on-site plan. Either way you won’t have the constant cost of the monthly fees that other IT companies charge.

Custom, Long-Lasting Servers: iNET-PC builds custom servers to meet the specific needs of your law firm. These servers are free from bloatware – only loaded with the software you actually need. Our business clients across Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin rest secure knowing their servers are backed by our five-year parts-and-labor warranty.

Contact the IT experts at iNET-PC for affordable network upgrades and tech support.

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