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Managed IT Services for Milwaukee & Waukesha Real Estate Agencies

Among small to mid-sized real estate agencies, there’s a growing trend toward outsourced IT services—along with a healthy suspicion of providers that aren’t even in the same state. iNET-PC understands the importance of reliable, secure, cost-effective and local IT support. If you’ve been looking into alternatives to an in-house IT director, iNET-PC may be just the solution you’re seeking.

IT Support for Real Estate Firms

iNET-PC Prevents Downtime and Secures Data

As a Wisconsin company based in Waukesha, just outside of Milwaukee, we understand the needs of small business and develop solutions custom tailored to our clients. Instead of one-size-fits-all, flat-rate IT solutions, we work with each client to understand their priorities and pain points. Then we design the most stable, secure, and versatile network possible within each client’s budget.

In the real estate business, you and your clients need access to data virtually 24/7. There’s just no time for network glitches or downtime. You also need a secure network to protect confidential data from hackers. That’s where iNET-PC comes in.

We’ll not only set-up your wireless router, servers, software and firewall, but also back the whole system with an unbeatable warranty and the best technical support around. If you ever run into a problem, we’re here for you with free, over-the-phone technical support and on-site tech support.

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How iNET-PC Serves Wisconsin Realtors & Real Estate Firms

Stable, secure network: With all the technology required to keep a real estate website with multiple listings up and running, a stable network is essential. iNET-PC incorporates industry-leading firewalls, scanning software and backup servers for maximum network reliability and protection against cybercrime, careless employees and even physical damage.

Cross-platform compatibility: When you have staff working on desktops at the office and mobile devices in the field, as well as clients accessing your site from all types of operating systems, you’ll appreciate how iNET-PC designs systems that work for everyone.

Superior Technical Support: We minimize problems by proactively troubleshooting your network and addressing problems quickly. If you ever need tech support, you can get one of our Waukesha-based technicians on the line within two rings. If the problem requires on-site service, we’ll be there the day you call.

We also offer on-site maintenance packages in ten-hour blocks. You can make use of these packages for any task. The hours never expire and any time left over from an on-site visit is credited back to your account. In addition, iNET-PC offers a la carte and specialized on-site plans.

Custom Servers Built to Last: Our custom-built servers perform better and last longer than off-the-shelf servers because they’re free of the unnecessary bloatware that bogs down other servers. For your peace of mind, we back them with an industry-leading five-year parts and labor warranty.

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